Monday, March 2, 2015

If I Used the Same Title, Would Anyone Notice? #Chachachachanges!

My companion is Hna Gonzàlez, she`s from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she`s hilarious. One night she stood in front of me with this crazy hat (which we`re not sure where it came from) for like five minutes talking to me while I was taping things in my journal. Obviously I was way too preoccupied and we laughed so hard when I looked up. I made her pose again so I could take a picture.

She also helps a TON with my Spanish. I`m coming to realize just how bad I am at conjugating Spanish verbs. The cool thing is, she understands almost everything in English, she just doesn`t know how to speak it, so when I have questions, I can ask her what the word is in Spanish. She has to correct me on the conjugating almost every two minutes, but I`m slowly getting better :)

I`m starting to realize that lots of big things are happening at home! Steph is now MARRIED (congrats, girl! I`m so happy for you!), other friends are in love, other friends are starting to come home from their missions in the next couple months, dad is moving, etc. How exciting! You all are so cute with your being grown-ups thing. 

I just have one request: Don`t all get married before I get home :) I want to be able  to go to SOMEONE`s wedding! Haha.

Also, I`m reading in the war chapters (capítulos de guerra!) in Alma in my English scriptures, and they`re so cool. I heard a quote one time that goes something like ¨we have the war chapters not to learn about their war strategies, but to learn about the people.¨ and it`s SO TRUE. You learn more about their characters and what we should strive to be, because they were striving to be like Christ as well, and it`s just amazing. I just read the beginning parts of the 2,000 stripling warriors. Talk about awesome. 

Continue to read your Book of Mormon, kids. There`s a power that comes from reading it that you just can`t find anywhere else. And I`ll testify of it`s truth, divinity, and power til the day I die. I love the Book of Mormon!

Ustedes son lo MÁXIMO. Hope your week is amazing. Love you to death, etc.

Hna Hill

The NDH (FHE) that we had the night before Hna Condie left. Left to right - Oscar, Daniel, Shirlay, Hna Condie, Yo, and Danessda.

Our district last change.

Me and Hna Gonzàlez.

Me and my favorite view of this gorgeous city. I`m in love with Cusco.

The first letter I`ve received in the field! Callie Hansen gets five gold stickers for her forehead. 

A man selling books on the side of the street. Talk about temptation!

(Kelly here: Of all temptations that a girl can have, not buying books in this setting would be her most difficult to avoid. No joke!!)

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