Monday, March 23, 2015

Hiking`s My Favorite

Also - Finding. 

I love it. I really do :) While it`s fantastic to actually have investigators, I also love starting at the beginning with new investigators. Actually, I prefer a mix of the two, but I`m just thrilled to be here :) The people are amazing, as always. There`s humor, the Holy Ghost, the gospel, I live in CUSCO PERU, I`m in the work of the Lord, I have the authority to teach the gospel, etc. It`s just the best.

This week we worked with The Johnsons a couple of times :) They`re the greatest. They`re the mission Family History specialists. When I grow up`, I want to be like the Johsons. They`re so sweet, and funny too. And they love the gospel, which is always something I`m a fan of.

Nosotros and Hna Johnson

Last PDay we had our Zone Meeting-PDay again and it was awesome. Our Zone Meeting made all of us so excited to work harder with new and different ideas. There`s also a new iniciative coming out soon. Keep your heads up. #GraciasAQueÈlVive or... Uhhh... English... Something like #BecauseHeLives  maybe? That would make more sense than the literal translation. 

Remember how I said Elder Nicholls is an awesome Zone Leader because he doesn`t just plan soccer every Zone PDay? He gets more cool points, cause we went on another hike last week! It was awesome. Why am I such a fan of caves? I don`t really understand it, but there you go.

Caves. I love them.

Our district leader, Elder Calle. He`s hilarious. And can we just appreciate how awkward pictures are with Hnas and Élderes?

I live in this country! So. Gorgeous.

More missionaries. Most of them are in my district. I love them.


I don`t know how, but this happened with my agenda like 4 times in 10 minutes. So I had Hna Gonzàlez take a picture the last time.

Happy birthday yesterday to my amazing grandma Myrna and on Wednesday to my mission-mom Hna Condie! You guys are awesome. 

I love and miss you all bunches and bunches. Write me some things sometime, yeah?

Hna Hill

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