Monday, December 28, 2015

Just realized I forgot to write to everyone... Oops.

Reading Lucas 2 and 3 Nephi 1 before bedtime :) Love that tradition. 

Christmas morning in the rain!! A Christmas miracle (for only me I think. But that´s okay.)

Making tortas fritas ( it ´s an Argentina thing) for Christmas with our pensionista and her daughter, and another member, who were alone for Christmas.

I had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful week! There´s nothing quite like being a missionary on Christmas. It´s one of the best feelings in the whole world.

Love you all and hope you had an amazing week! 

Write to you next year!!
Hna Hill

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Skype

(Kelly here) YAY!! We were able to private message each other until everyone showed up at the house and then we began our Skype session at 3:01 pm. We were fortunate enough for it to last 51 minutes!!!

Keni wasn't able to hear us very well but I think it ended up being okay. She cried when she saw that her bestie Callie was here (we kept it a surprise).

People in attendance:

Dad and Val and kids
Me and the boys
Gpa Dale and Gma Lois
Gma Myrn

It was so much fun and I barely cried at all right at the end. We were able to record her testimony but I have yet to have it translated. I felt the spirit as always and I'm so proud of my sweet girl. She has 118 days left and it's going by so fast! I can't wait to hug her and give her a smooch in person.

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle!

Well. It´s technically.... half jungle. They call it ceja de selva. 

I love it.

But I´m also sweating. ALL THE TIME. I generally shower twice a day. It´s also really humid. Which means that YES Hna Hill crazy hair is a thing, every single day. 

The people are wonderful. So kind and willing to listen! 

We have like NO TIME so I´m gonna write about my comp really quick.

Hna Corsetti - my FOURTH companion from Argentina. (Ella es de Buenos Aires también.) my SIXTH latina ( Hna Condie is the only gringa. Woohoo for latinas!) and my seventh companion in general. I´m also in my fifth sector, if any  of you were counting. That´s actually a ton for an Hermana. My mission is a little crazy. But I love it.

I don´t have much to say, because we´re going to be talking on Christmas Eve. (Kelly here: 3:00 pm MST)

I love you all SO MUCH and I feel so blessed to be able to be here, in Peru, serving the Lord on another Christmas. It´s  going to be amazing.

MWAH (that´s a kiss noise.)
Hna Hill

Me in the jungle, and my comp. I don´t know how she was using that long sleeved shirt. I was dying that day.

Monday, December 14, 2015

#ChristmasIsComing and #Cha-cha-cha-changes

I´m planning on quoting that Shrek song every change. Just in case you haven´t noticed by now.

And! ....  *imaginary drumroll please*

I´m going to Quillabamba!
New companion, new sector.

It´s going to be really hot. And humid. 

But I´ve seen pictures and it´s GORGEOUS. Looking forward to it!

(Kelly here. I shamelessly lifted some photos of Quillabamba from The Interwebs. It's gonna be okay. Don't worry about it. Enjoy!)

(End of thievery)

But I´m also going to miss Hna Azevedo a lot :( We hoped we could be together for Christmas. I have no idea who my new companion is... But I´m sure it´s still going to be a beautiful Christmas!

This week Hna Azevedo and I were able to help the JOHNSONS! with a Family History fair in Sicuani. It was so awesome to see them again! Hna Azevedo and I both worked with them when we were in Cusco and we love them to death.

Hna Azevedo and I also made a bunch of little snow flakes and put them on the cieling. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It was fun, and now the room feels a little more festive :)

I don´t really remember what else happened this week. We worked. We laughed. We worried about changes a little bit. We helped Indira accept her new baptism date (CHRISTMAS!!!) and finally got to talk to her mom a little bit! I´m leaving Sicuani now, and I´m a little sad, but Hna Azevedo is staying here with her new companion, and she´ll be able to let me know how everything is going. 

I´m just so happy to be on my mission. And I´m starting to realize that I don´t have very much time left here, so I'm trying to live every moment the way the Lord would want me to.

Mum's countdown wall (128 days left!!)

See you next week!
(when I´m in the JUNGLE. I´m going to the Jungle. Kind of can´t believe it. So excited.)

Love you all.
Hna Hill

Monday, December 7, 2015


Why do those things (como se llama.... OH! No. Le perdí. Oops...) have to be creative. I´m cool with "Hey!" for this week.

Today we went to Raqchi. It´s a cool touristy lugar. Incan ruins and the like :) We also had a zone thing for pday and it was incredible. That means we were outside in the sun literally all day long. We´re super super sunburnt, and I´m kind of not sure what I wanted to write this week. Tired. We´re really tired. 

("Compi, we´re tired, no?" Siiiiiiiii......)

But we´re also really really happy :) And hoping that next week we´ll find out that we have another change together! (We´re starting semana 6 right now. Lo máximo.)

But know that I´m  loving the work, as always. And I´m so very happy to be here. Filled with joy, really.

Meow. Hugs and kisses. 
Have a great week!
Hna Hill

p.s. My comp and I say "meow" at least 500 times a day. I don´t really know how that started. But it´s a habit now. It´s also funny, cause Hna Azevedo doesn´t even like cats that much. I do. I love kitties.

meow meow!

We hiked a lot today. I LOVED it!

Our district (only two elders. Haha.)

pics: The elders in our ward, and nosotras obviously, with those papers for the new Christmas thing #HaNacidoUnSalvador. The elders are funny. You can download those papers (in english too...) at and share it with the whole internet world!

Follow the white arrows in Raqchi! (which we didn´t do. We went backwards almost the whole time.)

During that zone thing in the morning (we also hiked then!)

Part of Raqchi. It was amazing! And this wasn´t even my favorite part. Hna Azevedo has all of the cool pictures.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It´s a Beautiful Week!

Like the U2 song, but with week instead of day.

Doesn´t exist here. And the only thing we did (just me and my comp) was bug our zone leader (his name is Elder Pavon and turkey in Spanish is pavo.) and buy pollo a la brasa for dinner! (chicken with french fries. The closest we could get to turkey.)

Was absolutely incredible!
I´m currently trying to load a couple of pictures... We´ll see if it works... We took about 700 pictures! :) haha.

Bus at 2 in the morning to head to a different city to catch a train to Machu Picchu.

View from the train. It´s like a half jungle thing in that part of Peru. 

Our Machu Picchu group! It was a really big one this cambio (lies. Usually there´s like 20. I liked this better.)

This was our view of Machu Picchu for about 25 minutes. There was fog all day long (hence the Hna Hill Crazy Hair) but this was the worst of it.

It almost looks fake, it´s so incredible.

Machu Picchu with my compi!

Me, the states, and a fog covered Machu Picchu!

La Obra!
Is just amazing. It´s changing my life. I don´t ever ever ever want to leave this behind. Our investigator, Indira, who is preparing for her baptism in two weeks is just adorable. She´s sixteen years old and is trying to get permission from her parents, and every time she talks to them they warm up to the idea a little bit. And she´s just THRILLED to talk about it. She reads and prays every day without  us reminding her, and understands everything. Sometimes she acts like we´re changing her life, but she´s also changing ours. Hna Azevedo and I are just LOVING working here in Vilcanota. Life can´t be much better than this :)

I´m happy :) Very happy. Don´t know how there´s room for so much happiness. I´m seeing the Lord´s hand in every single part of the work, my life, the world in general, etc. It´s a very beautiful thing.

Another beautiful thing is that there´s a new Christmas video from the Church. I love Christmas, and I love my Savior. Who just so happens to be the reason we celebrate Christmas! Go watch the video. Es hermoso. #ASaviorIsBorn

I love you all :)
Hna Hill

Monday, November 23, 2015

This Week :)

Was great!

And really really hot.

Like the third time in my whole mission that I was sweating. Yuck.

Hna Azevdo looking beautiful - and ice cream

ICECREAM. On a super hot day. 

We took a lot of pictures in the campo parts of our sector, we ate icecream, found a horse in Chumo, had a ton of help from the members, studied a lot of scriptures, had divisions with the Hna Leaders, ate some more junk food (obviously that six months to sexy thing is going to be 5 months to sexy now...), helped our investigator find answers and accept a goal/date for her baptism! Had a bunch of lessons that might not count in the logros, but that definitely count when you´re talking about my heart. I´m so grateful to be here. I´m so happy. And I´m loving the work more than ever. We´re seeing so many results of our faith and our work!

We also roasted mini marshmallows and did an invasion of missionaries in Rosaspata. So I got to visit the abuelita Alejandra again. I love her so much!

Oh. We´re also going to Machu Picchu next week. Hna Azvedo and I are really excited. 

Love you all SO MUCH!
Hna Hill