Monday, March 23, 2015

To Pops

(Kendall here)

The kid who is in Peru has the ability to make her old man cry from 4000+ miles away. I commented on the fact she is wearing her DMB/Guster/Ben Folds concert t-shirt in some of her pics, and she sent me this reply:

Hey Pops smile emoticon Love and miss you BUNCHES. Sorry my emails are sill so short. I`ll respond better next week smile emoticon I love wearing that concert tshirt from BNL, Guster, and Ben Folds Five because people are always like "whaaat?" and then I explain the beauty of BNL, and Guster, and how awesome it was to go to that concert with my dad for his birthday. Even if I did spend 60 dolares on two concert tshirts. Not one single regret with that money. It was well spent. That picture of us sticking our tongues out at that concert is on the front of my agenda this change smile emoticon In a lesson with one of our brand-spanking-new investigators, we were talking about how much our Father in Heaven loves us, and our families here, etc. It was our first lesson, so we were just getting to know her. She was talking about her dad and how much she loves him, how similar they are, etc and started to cry a little bit. I then started to cry a little bit and shared about how cool you are, and how you`re one of my favorite people in the whole world, showed her that picture on my agenda etc. and we talked about how if you, and her dad, are that awesome, and that loving and amazing, can you imagine what our Father in Heaven is like? Cause He is perfect. It`s hard to imagine when we have dads as awesome as you guys smile emoticon Just wanted to share that with you. Love and miss you bunches and bunches and a some oodles thrown in there too.

This is the pic she is referring to. It makes me feel all sorts of good that she can use our relationship in teaching people about the gospel.

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