Monday, March 9, 2015

Pretend This Says Something Clever

Hey, how`s it?

I taught "how`s it" to an Elder in our sector this week :) It was pretty great.

For one reason or another, we don`t have very much right now. We gave some of our investigators and recent converts to the Elderes because they`re single men and it`s difficult to get members to come to EVERY lesson with us, and when we don`t have another woman with us, we can`t teach them. Some investigators are impossible to find more than once a week, they "don`t have time" etc.

We`re kind of back in the "finding stage" that we were in 6+ weeks ago when Hna Condie and I opened the sector. 

Sometimes, it`s just hard. Sometimes, as many of you know, it gets to the point where you just walk all day. But the crazy thing is, you wouldn`t really want to change that. Because when this happens, when you keep working your hardest, you find new people who are perfectly prepared for you. You contact more of your references, you find the recent converts who are needing help, you find more of the less actives and start trying to bring them back, etc. At this point in the work, you truly become an instrument in the Lord`s hands. Your own pride, ideas, and whatnot don`t get in the way. And then you see miracles :) 

We`re still waiting and working for the miracles. We have one investigator, Araceli, who is absolutely incredible. We think she may be one of our miracles. We haven`t been teaching her for very long, and her esposo is very very catholic, but we see progress with her each time we teach, and we have high hopes that she`ll realize that she has her answer that the church is true, and she`ll get baptized :) 

You know, sometimes the miracles are small. Sometimes it`s that after a day that`s been long and hard, (and hot recently. Where`d the rain go??), sometimes the miracle is that your companion can crack a joke that makes your whole day change. (Hna Gonzàlez is probably my favorite Argentina - Aregentine? Argentinian? Someone help me out with that word in English) - in the world. Sometimes, the miracle is a Noche de Hogar (home evening) with a member family, and the dad nearly cries when he tells you how much of a difference you make in their lives, and how grateful they are to have missionaries in their ward. Honestly, I can`t describe to you how incredible this work is, even when it`s difficult. I`ve realized that while I thought these people are changing MY life, just maybe, I`m making a difference in theirs, too. That`s a really happy feeling.

I`m inviting others to come unto CHRIST. Everyone. Members, less actives, investigators, my companion, myself. What better way could I spend this year and a half? I love what I`m doing. Con todo mi corazón, alma, mente, etc.

Hermana Hill

Pics: One of the families in our barrio, nosotros, and los Elderes who work in our sector too.

One of the recent converts we work with, his mom, and his niece. And an unopened cassette tape that has more years than I do.

(Oh. A spanish thing. You say "Tengo 20 años" or "I have 20 years" not I`m 20 years old. It`s a mistake I make a lot in English. Why not leave it in the email, right?) 

(Beautiful paintings she's gotten in Peru)

(Keni's photo wall)

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