Monday, March 16, 2015

I`m Losing My Skills.

English Skills. 

You`re fortunate that you can`t hear the MAJOR pauses I have to make to figure out what I`m saying. It`s sad. Remember how I wanted to be an English major for about 15 years?

We had a dinner with a tourist family the other night. Their daughter served in Lima North, and finished about two months ago.

(Kelly here)
(Amy Nelson Murdock posted this on the Peru Missionary Moms Facebook page and I stole it!)

Explanation: Our pensionista`s husband works in tourism, and especially with RM`s and their families.

They were so cool! But THAT, my friends, was the moment I realized just how bad my English is. Speaking with other missionaries, no big deal. Their English is bad too. And those conversations are generally things that are easy to remember in English.

But with this family? It was all of the stuff that I`ve been saying in Spanish since I got here. Family, school, mission stories, spiritual thoughts, etc. And especially these last three weeks with Hna Gonzàlez.

I asked Hna Gonzàlez afterward if she could tell how bad my English was, especially when I was translating for her, because she understands everything, she just doesn`t speak it. Her response? Uhhh.... Nooo... It just... You just uh paused a lot?...

So family, be prepared for Mother`s Day :) It`ll be hilarious.

(Kelly here. Ohhhh, I'm READY for Mother's Day!!! I don't even care if I understand a dang word she says!! Can't wait to see that little girl.)

Other fun things:

Because Hna Condie is a Sister Leader, she has... concilio... with the President and other mission leaders every so often. And because I live in Cusco, I GOT TO SEE MY MISSION MOM! Best. Day. Ever. She stayed and chatted with me while Hna Gonzàlez was sick in bed and the other Sister Leaders went to eat at the mall. How sweet is she? She`s the best. I miss her.

One day it was so hot that I was sweating my face off, and then two hours later it was raining and I was freezing. Cusco. You`re the best. Can we appreciate the pictures of the dogs in the shade, and me standing in the rain were within 2 hours of each other? That is Cusco weather, my friends. Loco.

The Haslers (a senior missionary couple) live the floor beneath us, and they invited us over for lunch yesterday. They reshaped my whole view on meat and potatoes. I also could take a bath in balsamic vinegar, it`s so good.

I`m also so happy that we`re both healthy again. I just want to work hard. Continue to find more people and teach them the gospel :) I love this. I love being a missionary in the Lord`s work. There`s nothing better!

Nosotros, Danessda, and our ward mission Leader - Rony.

I love you all. I miss you all. Have the best week!

Hna Hill

OH! And happy birthday HOY to my very best friend Callie Hansen and to my Grandpa Dale! Love you guys!

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