Monday, March 30, 2015

I Love My Foot.

Remember how I almost broke my pinky toe? But then I didn`t, I`m just a klutz. It`s perfect ahora but the way.

This week my big toe (on the same foot) may or may not have gotten an infection and I had an ingrown toenail. No big deal to me until we had to go visit Dr Carrasco and then he had me sit on the... rolling bed table thing... dosed my foot with some pretty uneffective anesthesia, and cut my toe open and removed part of my nail that was digging pretty deep into my toe. No wonder it hurt :) 

On the bright side, (I`m almost six feet tall... haha. nope. Name that song...) it didn`t hurt that bad, I could just feel it pretty well because the anesthesia couldn`t affect the infection. Cool stuff. He gave me 5 different shots, but I didn`t even know until after it was over. I only felt the first one and the cutting of the toenail and such. Also on the bright side, since I`m panicky with needles and doctors, I really wanted a blessing, and then there were Elders right outside waiting to talk to the doctor about one of their backs! I`m so eternally grateful for the priesthood.

Hna Gonzàlez took some pretty nasty photos of my toe being injected with anesthesia and being cut, but I`ll save you from those. They`re pretty sick.

And then, thanks to the elephant sized dose of anesthesia, I couldn`t feel my foot or walk all day. It was a boring Tuesday.

Then the Hna Leaders came to visit (and because I worked with Hna Hunter all day I remembered what my height feels like in the states!) and it was awesome.

We had a great couple of FHEs and we`re slowly starting to find people. I love it.
Also this week, we had interviews and a training with President Harbertson. It was absolutely amazing. I was so spiritually charged and now I`m just ready to take on the world.

We have the best mission president and wife around. Sorry to the rest of you :)

Hna Yeshica, my favorite lady ever. She washes our clothes for us, helps us find things when addresses are crazy, we have FHE with her family once a week, etc. She`s INCREDIBLE. And when Hna Condie and I were transferred to Alamos and we couldn`t find anyone to wash our clothes, she was totally willing to wash them for free every month before she knew that we have that included in our money each month. She`s kind of like my Peruvian mom and I love her.

Hna Borja. One of the Hnas in our district. I love her to death. And she started her mission one change after I did, so I`ll be able to see her the whole time I`m here!

That one time after a FHE with the Familia Mandujano and they let me dress up like Elsa. #dreamcometrue

And Hna Gonzàlez dressed up like Anna. We dressed up like other things too, but those pictures are embarrassing so you can`t see them.

Plus, I loved being Elsa. How fun is that??

I`m happy. I`m safe. My toe is now doing well ;) and I`m THRILLED to be a missionary. There really isn`t anything better I could be doing right now. This really is the Lord`s work. And I love it.

Love and miss you all! Hugs.

And more hugs than anyone else to my Daddy. Cause it`s his birthday on Jueves. And he`s pretty much my favorite person in the world. Love you Pops :)

Hna Hill

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