Monday, November 23, 2015

This Week :)

Was great!

And really really hot.

Like the third time in my whole mission that I was sweating. Yuck.

Hna Azevdo looking beautiful - and ice cream

ICECREAM. On a super hot day. 

We took a lot of pictures in the campo parts of our sector, we ate icecream, found a horse in Chumo, had a ton of help from the members, studied a lot of scriptures, had divisions with the Hna Leaders, ate some more junk food (obviously that six months to sexy thing is going to be 5 months to sexy now...), helped our investigator find answers and accept a goal/date for her baptism! Had a bunch of lessons that might not count in the logros, but that definitely count when you´re talking about my heart. I´m so grateful to be here. I´m so happy. And I´m loving the work more than ever. We´re seeing so many results of our faith and our work!

We also roasted mini marshmallows and did an invasion of missionaries in Rosaspata. So I got to visit the abuelita Alejandra again. I love her so much!

Oh. We´re also going to Machu Picchu next week. Hna Azvedo and I are really excited. 

Love you all SO MUCH!
Hna Hill

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

(Kelly Here again) No Email Stories V 2.0

We didn't receive much of an update from Keni this week. She didn't email on Monday, which had me worried because she's been so sick, but she emailed on Tuesday and had some great news:

"I saw the doc yesterday - BACTERIA FREE! Woohooo! I´m good. Strong. Healthy, etc. She told me "hey, be careful for these last 5 months. Don´t want to go home with that bacteria again!" haha."

That makes a mum and dad feel good!

After telling Keni about my girls day with her aunt and grandmas, this is what she had to say:

"Travelling and doctors yesterday. We literally had no time :) Yay for girls day! I want one one of the first days home. My feet and hands are horrible and I need me some manicures and pedicures."

So there you go - I'll be sure to schedule some pampering time with the girl. Can't wait! I'm pretty sure the reason she didn't write an update this week is because I had asked her to send a Christmas list so I could get a package sent out right away. It's pretty extensive and includes things to "make her pretty" in the next several months. Teeth whitening, facial cleansers, a new straightener, etc. Merry Christmas to the girl! :)

We did get a few photos. Enjoy!

The bacteria test - LIBRE SOY! #SpanishFrozen I no longer have the chupaguata (stomach sucker). The only bonus - lost a ton of weight!

Sleeping on the bus returning to Sicuani. It helps me not get bus-sick. A little.

Comp selfies. We have fun.

(Kelly here) I'm not sure what this is but a quick Google search turned up a few headlines such as:

"15 of the Most Dangerous Festivals Around the World"

"How Some Peruvians Celebrate Christmas: Christmas should be a time for peace and joy, but, as we all know, “quality time” with family and friends can drive even the most zen-minded among us a little nuts. Some Peruvians have found the perfect sublimation strategy. It’s called Takanakuy, and it involves knocking out your nearest and dearest on Christmas Day."

Yes, now I understand the look on her face. :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

(Kelly Here) No Email Stories Today

(Kelly here: Keni didn't write an update but did report that she's feeling much better, although not the best. She'll see the doctor again next week to see if she's rid of the bacteria. Please continue to pray for her. She did send pictures, so enjoy!)

President and Hna Harbertson and I. They´re the best :) I love and respect them a lot.

One of the girls we teach, Miriam, has a pet rat. It´s a baby!

That baby bread that they eat on dia de los muertos (which isn´t too much of a thing here. They basically eat bread and drink in cemeteries. And have a couple of little traditions). The bread also gave me and my companion food poisoning. Never buying from THAT bakery again.


Comp selfies last pday. 

(I almost never do my hair now... Shhhh...)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey! #cha-cha-cha-changes

How´s it going? :)

I´m good. Transfers are today! I don´t have a change! Me and Hna Azevedo are staying in Vilcanota, together, for another change! Which is honestly what we were praying for.

Hmmm... what happened this week? I feel like it´s been a really long week.

We contacted Sicuani until they no longer wanted to give us their information, and then we kept on contacting.

We then had 4 new investigators, thanks to contacting people like crazy.

Halloween! I was clark Kent/Superman and my comp was Catwoman and then Superman´s cat. It was a fun day.

And there was a  baptism in the other ward. We sang come thou fount of every blessing. It was a beautiful day!

I don´t know, I´m just still so happy :) We´re seeing so so so much that the Lord was taking care of the people in our sector when we couldn´t work when I was sick. It´s been such a huge blessing. We´re just loving the work, and loving that we´re still companions, and that we can continue to work here in Vilcanota!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and I love you all to death! 

(Get it? That´s cause it was Halloween. Puns. Love them.)

Hna Hill

The only Halloween ANYTHING I´ve seen in Sicuani. And it was on Halloween. 

Me - as Clark Kent. #HalloweenintheMish

Me and my comp in Halloween! She didn´t walk around like that all day. She disneybounded (or whatever the equivalent would be) Cat Woman and painted her face when we were in the house for the night. Halloween was super fun :)

Me, as Superman.

Me as superman again!

My comp learned how to do that flower thing with her tongue, but she can only do it if she´s looking in the mirror.

Incredible sunsets in Sicuani featuring: a panai and a mototaxi.

I love Sicuani.

My pensionista carrying her husband - who just got called to be our new bishop!

I bought an army of llamas. One of the best decisions I´VE EVER MADE.

I love llamas :)