Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Keni's Letter to Mum

(Kelly here)

I don't think I realized just how much I miss my sweet Keni Girl until I opened my mailbox today and found her handwritten letter. It was THICK! She wrote several pages to each brother and five whole pages to me. It's too precious to share on here but I did want to quote something that made me smile.

She was telling me about giving stickers to the sweet little Peruvian children and then said:

"I swear Peruvian kids are the cutest things ever. I've yet to see one that isn't adorable. And let's face it - sometimes white kids aren't very cute. But only sometimes. :) But seriously, every single Peruvian kid."

I just love that adorable girl! I've read the letter four times this evening. I can't get enough. Pretty sure it's going to be my constant companion. Now I need to write her something by hand - it's her favorite!

Just 448 more days ...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nine Pieces of Cake

How about you all take a shot in the dark, and guess how many pieces of cake Hermana Condie and I have eaten this week? Yup! Nine each. Four of them were yesterday. Hahahaha. That`s super gross. That`s what happens when everyone ever has a birthday this week and we have several Family Home Evenings! And the first piece was one we bought in a bakery because it was just too tempting.

I`m gonna get so fat.

At least I`ve only lost weight so far! :) haha. With NINE pieces of cake a week, that probably won`t last long.

(Kelly here: Keni doesn't even like sweets. This isn't like ME telling everyone I ate nine pieces of cake. This is crazy news!! Knowing her, she'd probably have rather had guinea pig).

Fun things this week: 

We saw a cow walking around the streets by itself.

(Kelly here: Sounds like a typical day in my hometown in Idaho).

The elders who took over Ttio pension with the Hna Hale, who used to be our pension and lives a floor beneath us and still washes our clothes - anyway. we were over there to pick up our clothes and she gave us food to eat for dinner, and I asked if I could have some of the peppers she always has on her table, and they gave me three :) Love it. The elders didn`t believe that I could eat all three, and one of them - who`s from Mexico - said that I was more Mexican than him, cause he usually eats one or two :) So. Funny. And in case you were wondering - I totally ate all three in one meal and it wasn`t even that spicy. I miss Hermana Hale`s peppers.

There`s this recent convert in our ward named Gustavo, that we visit at least once a week, and EVERY time we see him, he takes pictures with us and then prints them off for the next time we see him. We love those pictures. Somehow, they manage to be super awkward or ugly every time, and it`s hilarious. We tape them on our wall every time :) And we have a lot with the Elder`s Quorum President, Oscar, cause he comes with us almost every time we visit Gustavo. Gustavo likes to talk a lot, and Oscar is really the only one he`ll stop and listen to. It`s pretty funny.

We visited a sweet little old lady, Juana, the other day (she`s the one in the picture with me) who`s been sick for 3 months and it was one of the funniest visits we`ve had! Also one of the most spiritual, she`s such an amazing member! I don`t have a ton of time to write anymore, but she`s seriously one of the funniest and cutest little old ladies I`ve met.

So. This week has been fairly slow as well. We`re still trying to find more people to teach and trying to get to know our sector better. We have SO much help from the members though. One lady, Hna Toya, walked for 3 hours with us to show us around, Oscar comes with us to lessons all the time, another recent convert, Daniel, has started to come with us to lessons, and EVERYONE is giving us references. This ward is amazing! Also really young. The bishop and his second counselor are both around 28 years old, the Elder`s Quorum President, Oscar, is probably about 23 years old, the relief society presidency is really young too. I can`t imagine being in one of those positions not long after I get home :) Haha. They`re seriously such an amazing ward! I love them.

Well, I need to go :) Love you all SO much!

Also, everyone go hug my brother a million times for me :) HE`S 17 TOMORROW! Happy birthday Squatch! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

Monday, January 19, 2015


If you didn`t catch that, I just quoted Shrek 2 :) Well, a song from it. Called Changes. Yeeaaahhh, I`m sure that didn`t need more explaining :)

And we are in a new sector! I`m still in Cusco, we`re just working in a different area - Los Alamos. We didn`t have to switch apartments or anything, which was fantastic, and I`m still with Hna Condie because I`m only half way through my training, but we`re opening the sector! Which is slightly difficult, and it`s been a slow week, but we`re doing really well :) We`ve met a lot with members and contacted a lot of people in the street, and hopefully this week is a little bit easier since we actually have some scheduled lessons! 

One family we visited has a pet parrot named Pepe and we took pictures with him. He climbed from my shoulder to my head and it was pretty crazy. I don`t know that I`ve ever seen a parrot that close up and not in a cage before :) 

Oh dear, what else has happened? Hmm. Oh! The elders that took over our sector are pretty cool and I know that they`re going to be so great for Ttio! Plus, our Bishop in Ttio was wanting Elders for so long, so he`s pretty happy with it.

Today we had a Zone P-Day and we went on a several hour hike up to this place called Balcon del Diablo. It was amazing! We`re all pretty exhausted, and a little sunburnt, but it was so amazing. I loved every minute of it! I forgot how much I LOVE hiking. Hey kids, let`s all go on a huge hike when I get home, yeah? 

I`m exhausted, so I don`t really remember what else I`m forgetting :) I`ll just have to remember for next week.

Love you bunches! 

I`m seriously so happy I`m a missionary. It`s the best decision I`ve ever made in my life. It`s hard, but it`s also amazing, and I`m so happy.


Hna Hill

(Kelly here ...)

Most Monday mornings Keni emails around 9:00 and her Dad and I both watch for the emails to come in. Once we see them, we start emailing her and sometimes she'll send a couple of answers back. It's AWESOME. Much to our dismay, today I got this:

"New rule: Not supposed to chat with fam during email time. Sorry. Love you SO MUCH! Sent a letter last week, look out for it."

So that's that.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hna Condie's Blog Pt 2

(Kelly here)

I see that there's a new post on Hermana Condie's blog (I'm a fine stalker). I don't know if she was able to get some additional computer time or if her mom didn't get it posted on Monday... but it showed up on Wednesday. It seems that her and Keni are being transferred to another ward. I don't know what that means, but I assume the wards are far apart in their area. I can't wait to hear more about it on Monday. Until there, here is a sweet quote from the cutie pie Amie Condie:

"Everything is just great here right now. Hna Hill is doing wonders. She´s such a stong missionary. I don´t think that she gives herself enough credit, but I´m so proud of her! Training her is easy."

I was particularly happy to see that they're using the Spanish Bananagrams I sent Keni for Christmas.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hna Condie's Blog January 12th

Shameless Theft of Hermana Condie's Blog Words/Pics, by none other than Kelly Hill:

"In other news, JORGE AND GLORIA HAVE A BAPTISM DATE. January 31, we are having a family baptism! Hna Hill and I are pretty stoked! They`re so great. They came to church and even the kids asked if they could come back every week. The 11 year old wanted his own copy of the Book of Mormon instead of just sharing with his mom. They`re just so happy. And that makes me happy. That`s the whole reason we`re here.

That was the highlight :) Other random news, we had a lesson with a less actieve the other day and he had 3 of his friends there so we taught them too. We asked if we could come back and teach them again sometime too. They agreed and we set up an appointment. Afterwards they told us that it was actually a class that they have that they want us to come to with 12 other people... that`s on Wednesday. We`ll see how it goes. I`ll keep you updated. 

What else? Not much. I`ll be honest, one of us was sick this week (won`t say who so that moms don`t worry), so we were in the house for four days... but all that considered, it was a pretty fantasic week! 

The pictures you`re getting are all from pday, sorry... one from last week and the others all from today. We kind of had a super pday. We got to Moray (the only place we actually planned to go to) and they told us that we had to pay for the ticket that included all of these places. We had to pay, and we weren`t going to waste it, so we had a great, long, Incan ruin filled Monday. No complaints :) minus maybe the sunburn. Esta bien!"

last P-day

Hna Condie & Hna Hill at Moray



tasting Salineras

don't remember the name of this place . . . but it starts with a "ch"




Cambios Today!

(Kelly here: Cambios seems to mean “change”)

Frankly, I´m not really sure what´s happening. The letter I received from the President makes me think we´re g oing to a new area or sector or whatever, and then the email about cambios in my myldsmail account says that we´re not leaving. It´s been a  crazy morning.  This one´s gonna be short, cause I have no idea what is ha p pening today :) Also, this computer´s space bar is on the fritz.  Wait, that´s a phrase, right?

Really quickly: I went to Lima for two days to do something with my visa, and while I was there I got to go to the Temple! BEST DAY EVER when you don´t have a temple in your mission. I think I have to go back at some point, so we´ll see if I get to go again!

My faith  in Christ has never been this strong, and it continues to grow.  And I know that it´s because I´m putting my whole self into service and that I´m studying the scriptures and general conference talks like never before. I encourage you to do the same. Not necessarily serve a full time mission, but serve others, and study the scriptures like never before. Your life will change forever and for the good. So, go for it! :)

Lima Temple

NIGHT AT THE MUSUEM 3?? Why did I have to go to Lima and see a movie poster to find this out. Come on, guys.

We give stickers to kids a lot. The tiniest girl and the boy are  Jorge and Gloria´s kids, Valentin and Misleni. They´re the cutest. Valentin is 11 and also is set to be baptized with his parents soon!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Still Obsessed With the Incas

Remember (some of you) how I was obsessed with the Incas in 6th grade? Like CRAZY obsessed? Like I knew how they buried/mummified-ish their dead and built their walls and stuff? Yeah, I don´t remember that stuff anymore, but today we went to THREE different amazing ruins, and also this place that´s like made of salt. I´m sending those pictures next week, because I don´t have the time to sift through them today. I also got this really nice sunburn on my face and hands. At least people won´t tell me I look paler than usual? Anyway. THE INCAS WERE SO COOL. No wonder sixth grade me was obsessed. If these ruins are this incredible NOW, after they were partially destroyed/they´re really old, etc. can you even imagine what they were like in their prime?? Man, this country owns my heart.

I´m more exhausted today than I can even explain, so this is going to be a short one. I also want to reply to people :)

We had zone conference this past week and while President talked to all of the Elders the Hermanas in our zone got to talk with Hermana Harbertson and she´s basically one of the most amazing people I´ve ever met. One of my favorite things she said is that sometimes, we don´t feel hope or happiness, but we have to CHOOSE them. We have to choose to have our soul cleave unto happiness and hope. And if we do that, then our whole perspective will change, and our lives will be made better. Seriously, we have the best mission president and wife out there. I´m so happy they´re going to be here for my whole mission. I´m a pretty lucky duck!

Also, the investigators we found a couple weeks ago? Jorge and Gloria? We invited them and their son Valentin to be baptized and THEY ACCEPTED! I have so much faith in them. They´re absolutely amazing. We also found this man and his wife and they´re GOLDEN. More about them next week :)

Also, PERU IS SO GORGEOUS. I love this country so much. You´re going to enjoy the pictures next week, because Moray, Salinares, Chinsomething, and Ollantamba (I probably spelled those wrong) are SO. COOL. And the pictures don´t even show how beautiful it actually is.

I love you all! Happy New Year! And happy birthday to Kayla Comeau yesterday! If your birthday has happened, and I missed it, I´m sincerely sorry.

Hermana Hill

One of the coolest walls in Peru. Their murals are the best. Also, sloth translated exactly means lazy bear and I love that. 

Sometimes Hermana Condie and I take crazy selfies.

 (Kelly here: She's wearing her Captain 'Merica shirt that I got her for Christmas!!!)

(Kelly here: These last few pics were lifted off Hna Condie's blog. I don't even feel bad. Heh)