Monday, February 23, 2015

I Almost Broke My Pinky Toe ...

... by tripping while getting off my bed during our weekly planning session.

Yeah, I`m that smooth.

We went to the doc the other day, and took some x rays of my foot. Not broken, just ugly and it hurts a bit. But I still can work, which is what`s important :) I`d go crazy if I was stuck inside. I just want to preach the gospel! Haha. They let me take the xrays home too, until I go back into the doctor morning. The doc just wants to make sure the pain doesn`t stay or something. I`m not entirely sure. 

(Don`t worry parents, I`m okay!) (Kelly here: YEAH RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!)

Bigger news than me being clumsy: Changes are today! I`m getting a new companion. Her name is Hna Gonzalez and Hna Condie is going to Puno to be a Sister Leader. But luckily, I`m not changing areas again! I get to stay in Alamos. I love Alamos so much. I`m going to miss my mission mom like crazy, but I`m also excited to be done with my training and to learn more from a new companion.

Hope you all have the best of weeks :)

Con Mucho Amor,
Hna Hill

Me feeding llamas last Pday! So. Cool. And a little bit freaky. Those things spit. A lot. And they have a pretty good aim.

Me and Danessda - our pension`s daughter. She`s my age and probably one of the coolest people I know. I`m so glad I get to see her for at least one more change!

(Kelly here)

The following couple of pictures were shamelessly lifted from the One and Only, Adorable Amie Condie, Mom of my Keni Girl (gosh I'm gonna miss seeing those two cuties together!!) (but I will stalk her on her blog, I'm sure!)...

The llama licked her face ... lol

P Day Ladies

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