Monday, January 25, 2016

Hey! It´s HOT. And #Cha-cha-cha-changes

As far as we´re aware (we´re 98% sure the elders aren´t lying to us) we don´t have changes. Yay!

It´s been even hotter here this week. Really really hot. They told us it got up to 112 this week. Someone, is that possible? I kinda feel like it is. Sweat. (hence my super shiny face in every picture.)

We had a lot of little miracles again this week. Things that made Hna Corsetti and I ridiculously happy to be missionaries. Jessica, preparing for the temple. An investigator receiving answers to her prayers. A big noche de hogar (home evening) that ended up being completely hermanas and a 3 year old little boy. Young women attacking me with hugs. Jessica not wanting to leave our sides. An absolutely beautiful Sunday. I don´t know. Little things. But important things. Giant blessings :) Wouldn´t trade them for anything.

Our convert (she got baptized the week I got here) Jessica. She´s such a sweetheart and is preparing to go to the temple to do baptisms for the first time in March! She´s finding names to bring and everything! 

Hna Corsetti and I. How is it that if I´m not paying attention, I have dinosaur hands?? Hna Corsetti thinks it´s hilarious.

Love and miss you all so much!

Also. EVERYONE go hug my monster brother. The Sasquatch. It´s his birthday on wednesday!! He´s officially an adult!

Hna Hill

p.s. They just decided to turn swing music on in this internet cafe. I have this song on one of my records at home. Ted Heath Orchestra. Little bit hard to focus.... (someone, please change the song!!)

Monday, January 18, 2016

My week

Was... well. Not too different from the other weeks :) But there are more bug bites, and they´re getting a little weird. #Allergies

We walked. We taught the gospel. Or tried to. We ended up contacting a ton of people and not having very many lessons. All of our people left Quillabamba for summer vacation. So we´ve been contacting a LOT :) But I love it. I love every part of this work. Even the hard parts like walking in the heat all day every day. 

In other, really exciting news: We have cell phones now!! YAY! Do you know how much easier the work is with a cell phone? Well. It is. Much easier than having a home phone. We got it today, and our ringtone is now the classic Harry Potter theme. Yet another reason to love Hna Corsetti. We were deciding which song to record from our USB´s and then use as our ringtone and our options were Harry Potter, Narnia, Star Wars, and then churchy stuff. We chose Harry Potter. (Which sounds fitting since Mum told me that Snape died this week. Someone, anyone, is it true?? #LoveHarryPotter #Always)

I feel like every week I´m saying "I don´t have too much to say this week." But it´s kind of true. So... now I´m gonna start saying things like... I don´t know. Random things to let you know I´m done. I just hope you all know how happy I am, even when I don´t write too much. I love the work. I love my Savior. I love the many many opportunities I have to learn and grow, and help others do the same. I love that I´m here, in the Peru Cusco Mission. 

There´s no place like *the mission* :) Y todo vale la pena.

Hna Hill

Rainy Quillabamba mornings. I love the view :) 

Found this gem in my tender mercies journal from last year. Not sure why, but that day, it was a blessing that Hna Condie and I ate four pieces of cake each. Gotta love my mission mama.

"A family without dengue is a happy family" - I believe that. Gotta love the signs in the hospital. (visiting a sick member. I´m not dying, don´t worry.)

We got ahold of a panai skirt :) So we took pictures! So much fun!

Monday, January 11, 2016

No time. As usual. So... Pictures!!

Just know that I´m beyond happy here. Joyful! We´ve seen so many little miracles this week. Little, but so so very important and life changing. I love being a missionary. It´s the best feeling in the world, to serve others. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Hna Hill

Our HUGE (sarcasm...) zone. 10 missionaries in all of Quillabamba. We went as a zone to hike up to a waterfall last pday. So much fun!

Super Mango. Nuff said.

Hna Páez is one of our Hna Leaders! She´s in Cusco, but they visit Quillabamba, so I got to work with her again! It was a beautiful day, filled with so many little miracles. I love being a missionary.

Turns out I´m like mildly allergic to mosquito bites. Or something like that. The elders told me to draw circles around the bites. You wouldn´t believe how many questions people asked me about my legs this week. With, and without, the circles.

Not like you can really tell.. At all... And not like I can have a good hair day (this is as good as it gets. And only for like 5 minutes and then it´s super frizzy and in a bun or a braid.) but... I cut my own hair today! It actually turned out really good!

New Year´s Eve watching the fireworks - neither of us could keep our eyes open for the flash. It hurt.