Monday, April 6, 2015

I Can`t Use "Cha-cha-cha-changes!" For a 3rd or 4th Time, Can I?

Hna González is leaving me. Well :) She`s going home. Tomorrow. At least we can hang out more today! We`re going to go have lunch with our whole district because her, and one of the Zone Leaders are finishing their missions today. I`m pretty excited, it`s going to be fun, but then sad too. Who wants to bet there`ll be cake and then I`ll gain another 400 pounds? :)

My new comp, who I haven`t met yet, is ANOTHER Hna González! She`s from Argentina as well. I`m starting to think maybe all of my latina companions will be Argentina and a González.

And I`m staying in Alamos :) I`m thrilled. I just want to get things up and moving again in our sector. And I`ve heard that González 2 is a hard worker, so I`m a happy camper.

In other news: I lost my USB last Monday. Well, I say lost. I`m pretty sure I forgot it in the internet place and the guy in charge kept it and is lying. But luckily I never erased any of my pictures, I`m just missing ones from Hnas Condie and Gonzàlez. And ones from home. Oh well. I bought another one today.

And I also found my dad`s doppleganger. Last Monday the Familia Guarrielo had our whole district over for pizza and the niece saw my agenda and was like "uhhh... Who is on your agenda with you??" It`s me and my daddy! "It totally looks like Ricardo!" 

So we took a photo like the one on my agenda. And now he`s always like "Ciao hijita, be safe, get home on time, etc." and one time was like "well, makes sense that she`s pretty, because she looks like me!" Who would guess that I`d find my dad`s doppleganger in Peru? Especially because his mom is from Uruguay and his dad is from Argentina and he was born in Chile. The world is a funny place.

Conference was the BOMB. I loved every minute of it. Well, Saturday was hard to catch all of it, but Sunday? I cried a lot. From joy and the spirit, don`t worry :) Saturday morning we watched it in Spanish, because we couldn`t find anywhere to watch in English, and it was so difficult. I understand the Spanish perfectly, that wasn`t the problem. You could just also hear the English in the back ground, and that confused my brain to no end. It was so hard to focus on only one language when I can understand both without trying. So while I understood the words, I only got the gist of the talks, and not really all of it. And then in the afternoon we watched it on the internet with the Haslers, but it cut out a lot and we missed whole talks. But Sunday we had no problem and I`m just eternally grateful that I got to watch conference at all. I. LOVE. CONFERENCE.

I may have done happy dances all week long. Which made Hna Gonzàlez laugh her head off. Apparently I have no dance skills.

I love being a missionary. So much. I really am so very happy to be here :) Wouldn`t change anything.

Love you all! Go watch conference if you haven`t already!

Hna Hill

A hat that`s made from llama fur that I`m pretty sure makes me look really attractive.

Our district and the Fam Guarrielo

Me and Ricardo Guarrielo, my Chilean dad (and 'Merican Dad and Keni)

Nosotras, the Rhoades - a senior missionary couple that teaches our english classes - they`re amazing, and Elder Largent photobombing. He`s tall.

Nosotras, and Elder Nicholls. He was my first Zone Leader and is going to be for a third of my mission. 
(Wow. I`m spending a third of my mission in Cusco!!)

Ricardo and Rosa Guarrielo, the Johnsons, and Nosotras. The Johnsons are amazing as well! They`re in charge of Family History in the mission and the Guarrielos are LOVING doing their Family History.

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