Monday, January 5, 2015

Still Obsessed With the Incas

Remember (some of you) how I was obsessed with the Incas in 6th grade? Like CRAZY obsessed? Like I knew how they buried/mummified-ish their dead and built their walls and stuff? Yeah, I don´t remember that stuff anymore, but today we went to THREE different amazing ruins, and also this place that´s like made of salt. I´m sending those pictures next week, because I don´t have the time to sift through them today. I also got this really nice sunburn on my face and hands. At least people won´t tell me I look paler than usual? Anyway. THE INCAS WERE SO COOL. No wonder sixth grade me was obsessed. If these ruins are this incredible NOW, after they were partially destroyed/they´re really old, etc. can you even imagine what they were like in their prime?? Man, this country owns my heart.

I´m more exhausted today than I can even explain, so this is going to be a short one. I also want to reply to people :)

We had zone conference this past week and while President talked to all of the Elders the Hermanas in our zone got to talk with Hermana Harbertson and she´s basically one of the most amazing people I´ve ever met. One of my favorite things she said is that sometimes, we don´t feel hope or happiness, but we have to CHOOSE them. We have to choose to have our soul cleave unto happiness and hope. And if we do that, then our whole perspective will change, and our lives will be made better. Seriously, we have the best mission president and wife out there. I´m so happy they´re going to be here for my whole mission. I´m a pretty lucky duck!

Also, the investigators we found a couple weeks ago? Jorge and Gloria? We invited them and their son Valentin to be baptized and THEY ACCEPTED! I have so much faith in them. They´re absolutely amazing. We also found this man and his wife and they´re GOLDEN. More about them next week :)

Also, PERU IS SO GORGEOUS. I love this country so much. You´re going to enjoy the pictures next week, because Moray, Salinares, Chinsomething, and Ollantamba (I probably spelled those wrong) are SO. COOL. And the pictures don´t even show how beautiful it actually is.

I love you all! Happy New Year! And happy birthday to Kayla Comeau yesterday! If your birthday has happened, and I missed it, I´m sincerely sorry.

Hermana Hill

One of the coolest walls in Peru. Their murals are the best. Also, sloth translated exactly means lazy bear and I love that. 

Sometimes Hermana Condie and I take crazy selfies.

 (Kelly here: She's wearing her Captain 'Merica shirt that I got her for Christmas!!!)

(Kelly here: These last few pics were lifted off Hna Condie's blog. I don't even feel bad. Heh)

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