Monday, January 19, 2015


If you didn`t catch that, I just quoted Shrek 2 :) Well, a song from it. Called Changes. Yeeaaahhh, I`m sure that didn`t need more explaining :)

And we are in a new sector! I`m still in Cusco, we`re just working in a different area - Los Alamos. We didn`t have to switch apartments or anything, which was fantastic, and I`m still with Hna Condie because I`m only half way through my training, but we`re opening the sector! Which is slightly difficult, and it`s been a slow week, but we`re doing really well :) We`ve met a lot with members and contacted a lot of people in the street, and hopefully this week is a little bit easier since we actually have some scheduled lessons! 

One family we visited has a pet parrot named Pepe and we took pictures with him. He climbed from my shoulder to my head and it was pretty crazy. I don`t know that I`ve ever seen a parrot that close up and not in a cage before :) 

Oh dear, what else has happened? Hmm. Oh! The elders that took over our sector are pretty cool and I know that they`re going to be so great for Ttio! Plus, our Bishop in Ttio was wanting Elders for so long, so he`s pretty happy with it.

Today we had a Zone P-Day and we went on a several hour hike up to this place called Balcon del Diablo. It was amazing! We`re all pretty exhausted, and a little sunburnt, but it was so amazing. I loved every minute of it! I forgot how much I LOVE hiking. Hey kids, let`s all go on a huge hike when I get home, yeah? 

I`m exhausted, so I don`t really remember what else I`m forgetting :) I`ll just have to remember for next week.

Love you bunches! 

I`m seriously so happy I`m a missionary. It`s the best decision I`ve ever made in my life. It`s hard, but it`s also amazing, and I`m so happy.


Hna Hill

(Kelly here ...)

Most Monday mornings Keni emails around 9:00 and her Dad and I both watch for the emails to come in. Once we see them, we start emailing her and sometimes she'll send a couple of answers back. It's AWESOME. Much to our dismay, today I got this:

"New rule: Not supposed to chat with fam during email time. Sorry. Love you SO MUCH! Sent a letter last week, look out for it."

So that's that.

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