Monday, January 26, 2015

Nine Pieces of Cake

How about you all take a shot in the dark, and guess how many pieces of cake Hermana Condie and I have eaten this week? Yup! Nine each. Four of them were yesterday. Hahahaha. That`s super gross. That`s what happens when everyone ever has a birthday this week and we have several Family Home Evenings! And the first piece was one we bought in a bakery because it was just too tempting.

I`m gonna get so fat.

At least I`ve only lost weight so far! :) haha. With NINE pieces of cake a week, that probably won`t last long.

(Kelly here: Keni doesn't even like sweets. This isn't like ME telling everyone I ate nine pieces of cake. This is crazy news!! Knowing her, she'd probably have rather had guinea pig).

Fun things this week: 

We saw a cow walking around the streets by itself.

(Kelly here: Sounds like a typical day in my hometown in Idaho).

The elders who took over Ttio pension with the Hna Hale, who used to be our pension and lives a floor beneath us and still washes our clothes - anyway. we were over there to pick up our clothes and she gave us food to eat for dinner, and I asked if I could have some of the peppers she always has on her table, and they gave me three :) Love it. The elders didn`t believe that I could eat all three, and one of them - who`s from Mexico - said that I was more Mexican than him, cause he usually eats one or two :) So. Funny. And in case you were wondering - I totally ate all three in one meal and it wasn`t even that spicy. I miss Hermana Hale`s peppers.

There`s this recent convert in our ward named Gustavo, that we visit at least once a week, and EVERY time we see him, he takes pictures with us and then prints them off for the next time we see him. We love those pictures. Somehow, they manage to be super awkward or ugly every time, and it`s hilarious. We tape them on our wall every time :) And we have a lot with the Elder`s Quorum President, Oscar, cause he comes with us almost every time we visit Gustavo. Gustavo likes to talk a lot, and Oscar is really the only one he`ll stop and listen to. It`s pretty funny.

We visited a sweet little old lady, Juana, the other day (she`s the one in the picture with me) who`s been sick for 3 months and it was one of the funniest visits we`ve had! Also one of the most spiritual, she`s such an amazing member! I don`t have a ton of time to write anymore, but she`s seriously one of the funniest and cutest little old ladies I`ve met.

So. This week has been fairly slow as well. We`re still trying to find more people to teach and trying to get to know our sector better. We have SO much help from the members though. One lady, Hna Toya, walked for 3 hours with us to show us around, Oscar comes with us to lessons all the time, another recent convert, Daniel, has started to come with us to lessons, and EVERYONE is giving us references. This ward is amazing! Also really young. The bishop and his second counselor are both around 28 years old, the Elder`s Quorum President, Oscar, is probably about 23 years old, the relief society presidency is really young too. I can`t imagine being in one of those positions not long after I get home :) Haha. They`re seriously such an amazing ward! I love them.

Well, I need to go :) Love you all SO much!

Also, everyone go hug my brother a million times for me :) HE`S 17 TOMORROW! Happy birthday Squatch! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

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