Monday, January 12, 2015

Cambios Today!

(Kelly here: Cambios seems to mean “change”)

Frankly, I´m not really sure what´s happening. The letter I received from the President makes me think we´re g oing to a new area or sector or whatever, and then the email about cambios in my myldsmail account says that we´re not leaving. It´s been a  crazy morning.  This one´s gonna be short, cause I have no idea what is ha p pening today :) Also, this computer´s space bar is on the fritz.  Wait, that´s a phrase, right?

Really quickly: I went to Lima for two days to do something with my visa, and while I was there I got to go to the Temple! BEST DAY EVER when you don´t have a temple in your mission. I think I have to go back at some point, so we´ll see if I get to go again!

My faith  in Christ has never been this strong, and it continues to grow.  And I know that it´s because I´m putting my whole self into service and that I´m studying the scriptures and general conference talks like never before. I encourage you to do the same. Not necessarily serve a full time mission, but serve others, and study the scriptures like never before. Your life will change forever and for the good. So, go for it! :)

Lima Temple

NIGHT AT THE MUSUEM 3?? Why did I have to go to Lima and see a movie poster to find this out. Come on, guys.

We give stickers to kids a lot. The tiniest girl and the boy are  Jorge and Gloria´s kids, Valentin and Misleni. They´re the cutest. Valentin is 11 and also is set to be baptized with his parents soon!

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