Monday, December 29, 2014

Are You from Canada?

Sometimes (all of the times) Peruvians ask me why I´m not freezing, because i swear they´re always cold :) And I always respond with, ah, I´m not cold. I LOVE the cold. And then they look at me like I´m crazy. But the other night a guy we met asked why we weren´t bundled up, I said I loved the cold, he looked at me for a second, and then asked.. "Are you from Canada?" I laughed :) Nope! Not from Canada.  Close though, yeah?

Last PDay Hna Valverde and I went to see Saqsaywaman (the free part of it anyway) and it was amazing.

I loved talking with the fam on Christmas :) It was the best.

This has been a crazy busy and weird week. But I´ve loved it. I´ve been studying 1 Nephi again, cause I´m trying to read it in Spanish and it´s amazing how much doctrine is just in the first chapter. And how much we can learn from Nephi. I love it. You should go study it again, with the thought of "what can I learn from each verse?" It´s amazing how much you learn and how much your faith grows :) Love you all! Hope your Christmas was fantastic!

Hermana Hill

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