Monday, February 29, 2016

It´s Been Interesting

Because my companion was sick ALL WEEK. So. It´s actually been pretty uneventful. The only lesson we did get out to teach was to Maria, Jessica, and Andrea.

(side note. Last week in the pictures I said it was Maria´s and Jessica´s baptism day. Jessica got baptized in December. That was Maria and ANDREA. Oops.)

And it was beautiful! They´re making an effort to pray together as a family MULTIPLE times a day, and that´s just beautiful. They´re working hard to prepare for the temple, and their faith and testimonies are visibly growing. We love visiting with them, because they´re helping US grow as well. They´re sweethearts. 

Hna Corsetti is slowly, but surely getting better. She´s a sweetheart, too. She has only been frustrated that she can´t work, not that she´s sick or anything. She should actually learn to complain a little bit more. I have to bug her for like 10 minutes before she tells me how she´s feeling. She´s a good little companion. 

Maybe I´ll have more to say next week. Seriously, nothing happened. 

But I´m still happy :) It´s funny how that works, but I´m happier than I´ve ever been before. I love this gospel, so much. And I love my Savior. He´s the reason we have joy.

Hope you have a good one!
Hna Hill

Jessica´s baptism in December. Never sent the pictures.

Our ENTIRE mission for that conference last week. I´m on the far right, in the front. Second Hna back. By Hna Corsetti and Hna Páez, if that helps anything. Have fun playing "Where´s Waldo?"

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