Monday, February 8, 2016


For the first time in just about forever...

I got more than two emails! And that means I took all of my time reading and responding. So enjoy a couple of pictures and know that I am doing great :)

I´m seeing how the Lord is helping me change and become the woman he wants me to be. Wow me falta un monton, pero estoy TAN feliz y TAN  agradecida por cada segundo que tengo para mejorar y sentir gozo :) [Kelly here: translation - "Wow I need a lot, but I'm so happy and so thankful for every second I have to improve and feel joy."] I love the mission, I love this gospel, I love the Lord, and I never never ever want to forget how I feel right now. Me encanta estar aqui! [Kelly here: translation - "I love to be here!"]

Wow. Spanish. That just slipped out. Spanish is so much easier for me now. My comp has told me about a million times these past few days that I talk a little bit like a Colombian. Which is odd because of my 6 latina companions, only one is from Colombia. And it´s even funnier, because Hna Corsetti is losing her  Argentina accent because she´s here with me. A latina is picking up a gringa´s accent.  I love it. I also love that no one ever has any idea if they´re talking with a latina or me on the phone. Cool stuff :) 

Love you all :) Have a great week!
Hna Hill

p.s. Can we all appreciate that I had no idea Valentine´s Day was coming up, and that my PARENTS sent me Doctor Who,  Book of Mormon, and Harry Potter themed   Valentine´s Day Cards? Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and the Book of Mormon. That right there is true love, folks.

my comp always sleeps like a mummy...

dogs here are super weird. This guy just chills out sitting like this.

Moto taxies. This has been my life since I went to Sicuani. For almost a year now, no? Moto taxies. Gotta love them. A member has one and let us take  pictures :) love it!

One of the cutest little old ladies I´ve ever met - Luzmila. She reminds me a little of Grandma Myrn :) 

The reason everyone always asks if the pictures of grandpa Norton are more pi ctures of my dad in my family history booklet. They´re the exact same person. We also realized this week that I don´t look almost anything like my mom. Apparently if I had a beard, I´d be the same person as Dad and Grandpa, too.

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