Monday, February 15, 2016

Reasons I already love this coming week.

Two of our investigators are getting baptized tomorrow morning. It´s one of those tiny, but huge and life changing, miracles. More explanations next week. But I love them a lot.

Zone conference with President Harbertson and Hna Harbertson tomorrow, almost all day long. Interviews too, I think. (I also have to give a talk. Not like overly thrilled about that part, but it´ll be okay.)

MISSION CONFERENCE WITH ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND. (That means ALL of the missionaries are travelling to Cusco this week.)

I also have plans to drink a lot of cremoladas (like a fruit and icecream type smoothie.) preach the gospel, and avoid getting bit by insects.

It´s going to be a great week.

Reasons I love the week that ya, paso.

We had a double sick day. Usually Hna Corsetti and I take turns.

Our investigators gave us a nice surprise "Hnas. We´re getting baptized this week. We know the church is true." I LOVE THEM. More later, I don´t have time. I just really want to keep writing about how incredible they are. Maria and her daughter Andrea. (In other news them, and our other convert Jessica are planning to go to the temple in March. Seriously. Maria and Andrea haven´t even been baptized yet - tomorrow!- and they´re planning on going to the temple with Jessica and taking their family members´ names.)

It was Jessica´s birthday, and she really wanted us to be there. It was basically a little noche de hogar and everyone is a member, or close to being one. Her, and her dad (the only one who isn´t going to get baptized soon. We´re working on it.) kept thanking us for being important to her.

We went to Echarati again. I love Echarati. 

We´ve had a ton of help from the branch, from the members, and the other missionaries preparing for Maria and Andrea´s baptism.

And I´ve seen the Lord´s hand in every single part of the work here. It´s His work, and He guides it. And He prepares the people to hear the gospel. I love this gospel, I love my Savior, and I love being one of His missionaries.

Basically, this is a really great transfer. Hna Corsetti and I are really happy and enjoying it!

Love you all!
Hna Hill

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