Monday, February 22, 2016

A Week To Remember

So many things to write. So little time.

Let´s play  the game how many cliche quotes can Hna Hill fit into one email?

Scratch that. English hurts my cerebro. 

Bullet  points.

- Maria and Andrea got baptized! When we were thinking maybe they wouldn´t be able to get baptized this month they surprised us with "Hnas.  We´re getting baptized this Saturday."Saturday turned into  Tuesday, because we had a couple of things to finish teaching, but they are absolutely incredible. I love them to death.  They´re kind of miracles. Their testimonies are  growing every day and I´m so happy to be here and see that.

-Also on Tuesday we had a zone conference with Presidente y Hna Harbertson. I love them. I felt the Spirit so so strongly. I also had to give a talk. I´m still not so good at that speaking in public thing. But I didn´t pull a Princess Diaries throwing up move.

- My comp got sick. I´ve studied the Ensign and the scriptures  a lot this week. Also took a nap or two ( shhhh...)

- At 3 in the morning on Saturday we travelled to  Cusco for my first ever Mission Conference. And it was with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

Saw a bunch of mission friends and comps ( a couple of them for the last time before they finish their missions.) 

Saw Hna Vicky, Hno Betho, and Danessda.

And then I entered that reunión and left it a different person. I couldn´t even begin to describe how strong the Spirit was. How much I felt the Savior´s love, How I could truly see that  Elder Holland loves and represents Christ. How happy I am . How my mission is changing my life. How much President Harbertson truly loves his  missionaries. How we´re progressing as a mission. How much I truly want to stay here forever.

But maybe to give you an idea  - we sang Called to Serve as the closing hymn. Now picture little ol Hna Hill sitting in the front row, about  15 feet from where Presidente and Hna Harbertson, and Elder Holland were sitting on the stand in the chapel. Crying, but smiling through the tears. I could barely even sing because I was crying (hard) and smiling more than I think I´ve ever smiled before in my whole life. Which only grew bigger when I saw President Harbertson watching us, singing, and crying. And then when Elder Holland caught my eye and smiled when he saw me smiling/crying/singing. (Kelly here ... and then picture Mum sitting in her car, reading this part of Keni's account, and crying right along with her).

I´m kind of a cry-baby. But they were happy tears.

The gospel truly is the "good news" or "glad tidings". It´s a joyful, joyful thing.  My mission is changing my life.    And I wouldn´t trade that for anything. I love my Savior, and that I´m coming to know Him better than ever before. I love this gospel. I love that we had the gran oportunidad to have such a beautiful week. 

Hope you have a good one.
Con amor,
Hna Hill

Maria and Andrea´s baptism day!

Andrea, Jessica, and Maria picking a TON of ciruelas to send home with us. Another reason to love them :)

Hna Russell! First time I´ve seen her since we started the mission!

Hna Wight! Neither of us are normal and I love it.

Hna Azevedo!

Hna Páez!

Hna Salas!

My sweet (and somewhat sick) companion. She´s the best.

The six Hermanas from our group!

The Hermanas from our CCM district! (Also. My entire g roup took a  picture WITHOUT ME. I love them. Kind of.)

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