Monday, August 31, 2015

I Love the Priesthood

This week was... good? Good is a word that works for this week, I guess. It wasn´t bad, by any means :)

We went to those ruins! They´re not from the Incas, they´re from impostors apparently? And I´m still not sure what Lord of the Rings Elves and Mummies have to do with it. At all. Someone go google "Machu Pitumarca" and let me know what the story is.

Not entirely sure why (maybe my chubby chub face would be the reason) but most of my favorite pictures this week are the back of my head. Enjoy :)

I was sick... Basically all week. And then we worked yesterday, and the day before and it was just bliss to be outside preaching the gospel. Even when I was only half recovered.

And then yesterday I literally passed out in a lesson we were having with a member. #vergüenza (Thank goodness it wasn´t an investigator or a less active) We´re pretty sure it was because I was working while I was still sick. 

As embarrassing, and totally not fun, as it was, I learned a lot yesterday.

1: I´m kind of prideful and super super stubborn. I still need to drop that. It´s a thing I´m working on. If I had asked for a priesthood blessing sooner, I´m sure this week would have been easier.

2: My comp is awesome. I mean, I knew that already. She made my bed for me like 3 times this week while I was in the shower. (I super hate making my bed.) But she was such a great help and comfort when I was stressed because I just wanted to work, and embarrassed, because a ton of people know I passed out, etc. 

3: Well, this is another thing I already knew... But I love the priesthood. 4 of the Elders in our zone, our pensionista Ana Cecilia, and her husband Rony showed up so they could give me a blessing. (That sure helped with the embarrassment thing. I don´t know why so many people had to come.) And the blessing the Elders gave me was just perfect. Obviously, they knew the whole "Hna Hill is sick" thing, but Elder Steele said everything I needed to hear. Our Heavenly Father gave him the words, and the words gave me the comfort and promises that I needed. The priesthood is REAL and it´s POWERFUL, people. Don´t ever ever take it for granted. And don´t be stubborn like Hna Hill, and ask for a blessing when you need it.

4: Patience is not a thing I´m good at. I swear that every lesson I have to learn has something to do with patience. But I´m learning the importance and the value it has in our lives. Slowly, but surely. 

Not sure why I shared the passing out story. I so wasn´t planning on it, but maybe one of you out there needs to hear about it? I don´t know, but I hope it helps :) haha.

Mom and Dad: DON´T WORRY. I´m okay, I swear. The member (her name is Miriam) and my comp were a big help and as soon as we took a mototaxi back to the house we called the Elders and our pension.

Anyway, I love you all A LOT. I hope your week is beautiful!

And a very big and late (for some) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kyle Whitney, my brother Ryan, my cousin Katie, and to Kieyera Brunger! I love you guys and hope your birhtdays are everything you wished for!

Hna Hill

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