Monday, August 10, 2015


For the FIRST time in my entire mission. Nothing changed. I´m staying here in Vilcanota with Hna Páez, and I´m excited about it :) This seriously, is the first time that I haven´t had a new comp, a new sector, or los dos. Actually, this is kinda weird for me.

Once again, I have no time. Ha. One day I´ll learn, no?

So. Easier. Pictures!

Have a great week all of you, I love you a lot!
Hna Hill

Me and the physics that Elder Steele (our district leader) used to explain a lesson in district meeting. I mean, I know he mixed it with Spanish and Quechua, but I´m in trouble when I go back to school. I don´t remember ANYTHING.

Elder Steele, being super proud of his physics lesson. He likes Science.

Me and my comp saltando in Langui that day we had a conference with President Harbertson.

Comp selfie. We´re super cute.

Comp selfie. Again. Buses are fun.

Me and Hna Harbertson, and the oh so lovely Hna Fernández, photobombing.

Just so you´re aware, I lost weight. I couldn´t use these jeans before #success And me and my comp are cute, no?

Zone Bus Selfie. Kind of. Like all of the missionaries have this exact same picture, because Hna Páez and I were in the front.

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