Monday, August 24, 2015

Why do subject lines have to exist?

I don´t ever know what to write in them. Sometimes I´m creative and sometimes I´m like "mmmm... mejor no voy a escribir."

I think in Spanish 90% of the time, if not more. English is HARD.

I don´t really kow what to say this week. We worked. It was actually a really really good week! But really, we just worked. These people are changing my life. I love them so much. The mission is changing my life. I don´t think I ever could have progressed without it. And I´m beyond thrilled to be here. I LOVE THIS WORK!

Hermana Paez

Hermana Hill

On another note, we went to Las Aguas Termales last week on pday with Hna Hunter and Hna Vitola (I love those two) and this week we´re going to go see some more ruins! Peru is the best.

Hermanas Hill, Paez, Vitola, and Hunter

Hermanas Hill and Vitola

Also, someone told me that these ruins have something to do with mummies and elves.... WHAT? That sounds awesome and also... elves? Are you kidding me? It´s not even about Incas this time? I´m confused, but I´m pretty sure we´re headed to middle earth. (Yay!)

I love you all :) Like, a lot. Have a great week!
Hna Hill

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