Monday, September 14, 2015

Keni's Birthday Videos - and Her Videos to Us

Keni hasn't updated me for two weeks now, but I have received a couple little messages each week. After seeing a couple of missionary moms posting short videos from their missionaries, I asked her if that would be possible. She said "Yes! I just haven't been able to do it yet." Then I asked if I could send short videos to her and she said, "Yes! As long as their mission-appropriate." What is she saying!? Haha.

We sent her a short "I love you and miss you" video last week - just me and the boys. But this week, since her 21st birthday is on Wednesday, September 16th, we sent her more. And then her Dad and their family did one as well. It's safe to say we bombarded her with birthday wishes, both written and animated.

To my surprise, she sent a couple of videos today as well and I wanted to share them below. Her Spanish sounds awesome and her companion's English does as well! They're freaking adorable and I will probably wear these videos out.

FYI: I found a Wurlitzer organ on a Facebook Utah Garage Sale page for $30! I had to buy it for her because it's in amazing condition and I thought it would be fun. Because $30. So we bought it, hurried home, I taught the boys how to play "Happy Birthday", and we created a few videos. Enjoy!

Happy Jack - after a ten minute piano lesson.

Squatch after watching HJ and then practicing for five minutes.

Mum after several years of piano lessons (and apparently after some heavy drugs).

Hna Paez and Hna Hill - to Mum - in Spanish. Someone? Anyone? Haha

Keni said her English is terrible and then Hna Paez says Keni will be home pronto but Keni disagrees. I think they talked about Hna Hill going home in April and Hna Paez going home in March. (These are all hefty assumptions since I speak zero Spanish).

I get big smooches from Keni and an "I love you" from Hna Paez.

I died it was so adorable!

To Mum - in English. How adorable are they? Hna Paez says, "Hi Hermana Kelly. How are you? I think you're the best mom to Sister Hill." Keni says, "My English sucks" and Hna Paez says, "Yeah, I uhhhh testify. But now her English is terrific."

"I love you Sister Kelly. You're the best."
"I love you, Mom."
What dolls!

To Pops - in Spanish. Again, it's anyone's guess as to what they're saying.

"Hi Kendall!"

I could pick out that she said she's going to speak in Spanish and then she apologized.

(Lots of unknown beautiful language)

"Thank you for the hymn books in English." (Kendall and Valerie purchased mini hymnbooks in English for Keni's companion and also her last companion, Hna Fernandez)

"Thanks" came out of Keni and then she had to tell herself no and made herself begin again in Spanish. "Ciao."

Keni nicknamed her oldest brother "Squatch" because he's always been such a giant. He has always called her a midget, for obvious reasons.

Keni told Squatch that he and Hna Paez need to get married when all is said and done. I'd go for that! However, Hna Paez said no and I'm not sure the reason since it's SPANISH!!

Keni tried to send HJ's video but it wouldn't send. She said she'll try again next week. These videos made my day and I love technology!

But not as much as you, you see.


  1. Here's some really rough spanish translations for you :) (This is what a year of Spanish can do! ha! Maybe I'll actually be able to carry a conversation with her when she gets back!)

    Video 1: Hna Paez: "Hello, Kelly! How are you?"

    Keni: We're going to speak in Spanish because English is terrible.

    Hna Paez: Yes, I know. Her (Keni's) english is [better? good? Hard to understand what she says. I believe she says:] You'll get to see Keni soon.

    Keni: Soon?

    Hna Paez: Just a little. In April.

    Keni: She gets to go home in March.

    [Her companion basically says she likes you lots :)]

    Keni: I love you! bye!

    Video 3:

    Keni: Hi dad! We're going to speak in Spanish. I'm sorry. There are people who can translate for you. Um . . . hello! I miss you and love you a lot! And we wanted to make this video to say hello! I don't know, why we wanted [hard to understand the last part. I assume she asks Hna Paez if she wants to add anything.]

    Hna Paez: I also want to say hello, and thanks so much for sending the hymn books in English, because I know little English.

    Keni: English, no. I like Spanish. Tell everyone I love and miss them lots for me! Bye!

    Video 4:

    Keni: Hi, Squatch! I want to introduce you to your spouse [or future wife ;)]

    Hna Paez: Ah, no. [I think she says "You don't want to marry me"]

    Keni: No, you are a good person to marry!

    Hna Paez: [She speaks fast!] She doesn't understand my English is [worse?] than her Spanish. [She gets really quiet, I can't tell what she says. Probably something about marriage, because Keni says again that Squatch should marry her. ;) ]

    Keni: I love you, I miss you a lot. [I think she says:] Tell me about what you are doing in school and good sports (good sports is literal translation. Probably something different.) Bye!

    I hope that helps! I'm not the best at Spanish, so I'm sure there's someone else out there who can catch/correct anything I missed. :)

    Loved these videos! Crazy how good her Spanish is!

  2. Yay!! Thanks, sweet girl! Can you believe she's been gone almost a whole year?? It's crazy!

    Thanks for translating - I love it!!