Monday, August 17, 2015

It`s a Beautiful Day! (You might not be able to tell, but I`m quoting that U2 song)

And a BEAUTIFUL week!

I`m so happy. Just THRILLED to be a missionary.

Here`s why:

My comp and I had so much help from the members. And wow am I growing to love them so much.

We had a lot of really spiritual lessons.

We had a water gun fight in the house. I won. Look at how wet her hair is!

And then a different day she turned my pillow into a bad guy while I was in the shower.

PDay with the zone and I held another frog! 

So the little frogs don`t freak me out, but this guy was huge. So that explains my face in the first picture. 

And then I tried to kiss him. (Not for reals. Look at my face in the first pic again.)

My studies this week were just... wow. So beautiful and helpful that I can`t explain it.

Our pensionista is a sweetheart, and is basically another one of my moms. I`m coming to realize that so so so many people are gaining space in my heart. Not sure how there`s room :) 

For the FIRST time in my entire mission, an investigator that I taught GOT BAPTIZED!! :D
Her name is Ivana, and I love her so much. She`s such a sweetheart. Hna Fernàndez and I started teaching her, and when I left Hna Fernàndez and Hna Arza finished teaching her and she GOT BAPTIZED yesterday!! :D And because we share a capilla, I got to go to her baptism. Of course, I cried like a baby. Because I don`t know that I`ve ever felt such JOY in a baptism. I saw her progress, and it`s just beautiful. And now, her and her little hijita Dana will have such a beautiful future. I just don`t know how to describe the beauty and joy of yesterday. 

Ivanna`s baptism! :D

On a side note, a couple members from Rosaspata asked if I was okay (cause I was crying like a baby) and both Hna Fernàndez and Hna Pàez were like "ah, don`t worry about it. She`s happy. Those tears are joyful tears." My comps know me so well.

I don`t know, so many more things happened this week, but it`s just been a really happy, really spiritual, really beautiful week. I never ever want to stop being a missionary. I mean, how could you when you have such JOY spreading the truth?

I love this gospel, I love this work, and I love all of YOU!
Hna Hill

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