Monday, August 3, 2015

And I´m Out of Time.

Like, I have about 4 minutes. I forgot to email the group cause I was responding to people :) 


Know that I´m just ridiculously happy, we´ve had a really great week, and I´m hoping that next week for cambios I´m still in Vilcanota with Hna Páez. And if you haven´t realized, I haven´t had a single transfer in my mission where nothing happened. Every time it was either a change of areas, a change of companions, or sometimes both. It´s been so much fun, actually. I like transfers. Guess we´ll see next Monday!

Have a wonderful week! Love you all!
Hna Hill

oh. By the way. On my half way mark, I ate cow stomach. I ate the WHOLE plate. It was kinda not at all my favorite. And then my stomach was super upset with me all day. Turns out my stomach doesn´t like eating stomach. Who would´ve known? But, the flavor wasn´t actually bad. People said that was the worst part. I disagree. #HappyHumpDayHnaHill

(Kelly here. Keni added this part in my email) Hey, Hna Condie (my other mom. She always says she´s the mom who actually birthed me) is finishing her mission in a week. Craziness! And her family lives in Utah now! And she goes to BYU. Tell her hey for me, maybe.

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