Monday, July 27, 2015

Hump Day!

As my family is SO aware, I hit my half way mark! 9 months. That´s insane.

9 months!!

At first I decided that I was going to completely ignore it. Because I never want this to end. I love the mission SO MUCH. It´s the best decision I´ve made in my life, and why would I ever want to pay attention to the fact that I now have less time left to serve? But then I decided to pay attention to the fact that I´ve served the Lord in this beautiful country, I´ve met countless people who have changed my life forever, I´ve never felt this kind of joy, I´ve seen too many amazing things to count, I´ve felt the influence of the Spirit stronger than ever before, I´ve learned and learned, and learned some more, the scriptures have become even more important to me, I´ve made so many friends that will be a part of my life forever, the Atonement has never been more beautiful or sacred to me, Ive had so many opportunities to grow, serve, and love, etc. for NINE MONTHS of my life. And I still have another beautiful nine months ahead of me. It´s a wonderful thing, this halfway mark. I still never want to finish, but I know that eventually, it´s something I need to do. But that´s okay, because I´m living every single moment to its fullest, in the way the Lord wants me to. I´m so incredibley grateful for these 18 months that I have to serve Him. 

This week was awesome.

More than half of the mission went to Cusco, and we got to hear Elder Juan A. Uceda (a member of the Seventy and the Area President) talk to us for about 5 or 6 hours. It was... Incredible, to say the least. I´ve never taken so many notes in my life, and I´m definitely a note taker. I honestly don´t know what I could even say about this conference. It changed my life. And WOW am I grateful for the opportunity us missionaries had to listen to him for 5 or 6 hours. He taught us so much, and he was so guided by the spirit. It was an amazing day.

We also got to eat in the mall in Cusco. That was great. I love Papa John´s. And Burger King. Yes, we ate in the mall twice (we were there for 2 days, so why not?). American food is fatty and nice. I like it.

I get a little crazy when I get to eat American food and we´re going to hear one of the Seventy speak. Also, how in the world is my body so awkward? It´s cool. At least I´m aware of it.

The Hna Capacitadoras like to steal my Minnie when we´re traveling to Cusco.

Me and Hna Fernández in Cusco (it´s cool to have your old comp in the same zone.)

Hna Vitola, another one of my favorite Colombianas, and Hna Hill crazy hair. It happens when I don´t shower cause we´re going to be in a bus for 3 hours on the way to Sicuani. Yeah, there´s no way I´m showering for that.

Also, in our reunion de distrito our district leader asked us to write a list about why our companions are awesome. So we can be more grateful for them, and more united or something. I thought it was fun, because I´m happy with Hna Páez. She´s like my favorite Columniana ever. Here´s a couple reasons why Hna Páez is awesome:

- She loves Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, the same actors I love, Captain America, etc. Way to have a good taste, compi!

- She´s probably the most patient person I´ve met in my life, although she thinks she needs to work on it more.

- She´s always willing to help me, and anyone else, with anything they need.

- She tells me (during our email hour when I ´m asking her... hey what´s your favorite bands again? Aren´t they groups I love too?) "Seriously, right now? We´re emailing our families, I can´t remember bands right now..."

- She LOVES her mission, and the Lord, and hopes to never end her mission. She´s an incredible teacher, missionary, etc.

Basically, I´m lucky. She´s the best. And we FINALLY took a picture together! After ALL of my time in Cusco in the same district, we came to Sicuani together, but had different comps, and now that we´re comps, you´d think we´d have at least one, but we don´t. We´re not entirely sure how that happened.

I love you all and I miss you all SO MUCH. 

I´m not sure I´ve ever been this happy. How is there room for all of this joy and love in my body? I´m not really sure, but I´m loving it. There´s really nothing better than this.

Have a wonderful week!
Hna Hill

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