Monday, June 1, 2015

I´ve seen a lot of animals this week.

Guinea Pigs. Llamas. Dead fish (that I ate). Cows in the street. Roosters. Dead rats in the street (luckily haven´t seen a live one yet), etc. Cusco didn´t have nearly this many animals, and it´s kind of crazy to see all of them. Sicuani is different, but I love it equally :)

My week:

Ate an orange just about as big as my head. No joke.

Taught the missionaries an English class. My english is not good enough for that.

Built a mini... horno? What´s that in English?... to cook our neighbor´s guinea pigs. Or... we tried to. We´re not very good at that.

Caught and held a guinea pig.

Went to Cusco on Thursday night, because they told me I was going to go to Lima on Friday.

Came back to Sicuani Friday morning because I´m actually going to Lima THIS thursday.

Went to the Aguas Calientes with our pensionista and her family, and then a llama almost kissed me while we were taking a selfie.

We had a bunch of different lessons and they were just beautiful. I love being a missionary!

Hope your week is AMAZING! Love you all!

Hna Hill

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