Monday, May 25, 2015


My new sector :) It´s beautiful! I love it so much. I still miss Cusco, but Sicuani is growing on me. One of the Elders that was in my district from the CCM is in my sector now! It´s funny to see how much we´ve both changed, especially with the Spanish, when it feels like I got to Peru about a week ago. 

I don´t know, not much to report right now. We´re just out working hard and loving every minute of it!

Oh! One of the young women told me that I am beautiful and look like I belong in a Disney Princess movie. That kinda made my whole week, especially when I generally just feel like a chubster every day. #fatforthewin

Our pensionista and her family are adorable, and I love them. I really miss the Familia Rojas, but at least our new pensionista is awesome too.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I love and miss you bunches! 
Hna Hill

Me and our pensionista´s puppy that kinda looks like a little teddy bear. It´s hard to get dogs to participate in pictures.

My pensionista, Carmen, and my comp Hna Fernández. I love them both.

I love playing with our pensionista´s puppy. She´s such a cutie. 

Hna Fernández thought I couldn´t put that whole cucumber in my mouth. I did. And then I felt like a (fat) champion.

(Kelly here. How in the HECK does this girl feel like a fatty?? Sigh)

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