Monday, June 22, 2015

I LOVE to See the Temple

As you know, there´s not a temple in my mission. Which breaks my heart. But yesterday they dedicated the second temple in Peru! Woohoo for Trujillo!

We got to watch the broadcast, but when we were in the Stake Center waiting for it to start, they told us that for some technical reason, Sicuani wasn´t going to get any of the three transmissions. #cuethecryingmissionaries 

Since we can´t go to the temple during our missions, that wasn´t something we wanted to hear. So the Zone Leaders called the Asistentes and Presidente about a million times to ask if we could travel to Cusco to watch at least one of the three transmissions. And we got permission! WOO! So we packed our whole zone on one of the buses, traveled to Cusco for three hours, ate lunch with one of the pensionistas over there, watched the third and final transmission, and then traveled back to Sicuani. #AdventureIsOutThere!

Part of Zona Sicuani, in Cusco!

And the day before we got to watch the celebración cultural. I love Peru. I love it so much.

And I also got to see Hna Wight when I was in Cusco. I love and miss that woman.

Hna Wight and I hugging it out.

Things that amazed me this week:

- The faith and preparation for the temple that we saw in our members, less actives, etc.

- Peru and its culture.

- To see 20 young adults (our zone) doing anything we could to be in an extension of the temple. You can´t imagine the joy when we were actually able to attend.

- How much faith my comp has. I love her, she´s the best.

- The chance I have to share this gospel with Peru! 

- That on FATHER´S DAY we dedicated one new temple. There´s another temple on the earth. What better gift could we give to our Father in Heaven on Father´s Day?

Speaking of Father´s Day, it´s really a pity that all of you don´t have MY dad. I love that man. I remember that the first time I went through the temple, that day a woman asked my dad if she could use his hands in a painting she was doing of Christ. She said he had perfect Christ hands. She was more right than she could have known. My dad is always serving others, and always being the example that us kids need him to be. Happy Father´s Day, Pops :) I love and miss you!

I love the rest of you too :) Have a great week!

Hna Hill

Hna Ugarte: another Argentina that I love. She´s one of the Hna Lideres in Sicuani.

Hna Fernández and our pension´s daughter Leandra, and their neighbor´s little kid Bryan. Those kids are hilarious. #goofingoffinastakeactivity

Comp selfies. 

Alejandra - Basically my favorite person ever.

She´s this super super tiny little old lady that we teach. And I´m pretty sure she knows more about the gospel than I do. The only reason she´s less active is because her knees are really bad and she can´t... subir... the stairs at the church without help. We´re trying to get the ward on board with that.

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