Monday, June 8, 2015


Wait. Isn`t that a magazine?

- We had exchanges with the Hna Leaders, which kinda meant another day of not working in my own sector.

- I love my pensionista and her family. They`re absolutely adorable. And their 3 year old daughter says my name like Hermana Heeeewwww. She`s a cutie. And Carmen (our pensionista) said that their whole family missed me like crazy when one of the Hna Leaders was with my comp. And her daughter said "hey, where`s Hna Heeeww? I don`t want this one!" I love that family. haha

- We`re starting to change things in our sector. The ward is more willing to work with us, our investigators are progressing, we work really really well as a companionship (we basically laugh all day) and things are just... getting better. I love it :) I love that maybe, we`re making a difference here.

- My comp is AWESOME. She loves Doctor Who. WOOO! 

- There`s a fruit truck that drives around at night (like at 6 or 7. but it`s pitch black outside) that has a little kid`s voice advertising their fruit and it`s... terrifying. His voice is terrifying. It`s honestly like the voice from that Doctor Who episode from Season 1 where they`re in WW2 and that gasmask kid is asking everyone "Are you my mummy?" Wow... that`s super geeky. And I didn`t realize I missed Doctor Who til right now. But seriously, his voice is terrifying. Hna Fernández and I both hate it.

- I went to Cusco on Thursday night. 

Friday morning we woke up at 3:30 so we could catch our plane... but then the Elders who had our plane tickets and passports accidentally slept in, so we missed our flight. AND then I travelled back to Sicuani. Eventually I`ll make it to Lima. But that`ll be in a week or two. Yay.

- The Elders in our zone are hilarious, and awesome. They`re always making sure that we`re doing okay, it`s pretty funny. 

- We`ve seen the Lord`s hand in our lives a lot this week. As we`ve been proselyting (how do you spell that?) we`ve been led by the Holy Ghost exactly where we needed to go and it`s been incredible. I love following the Spirit and I love being a missionary :)

Have an incredible week! Love you all!
Hna Hill

(Kelly here)

I asked Keni if she caught that guinea pig in last week's picture and then had to make an oven to cook/eat it. I also asked why there wasn't a picture of the orange that was as big as her head. I asked her what Aguas Calientes means and I guess "hot water." Oh - and fish. I asked about the fish. The orange in the only thing she would have eaten in the States, so I had to inquire. Here is her response:

I ate fish TWICE that week. One of them had a tail. Fish isn`t half bad. 

We did not eat the guinea pigs :) Plus, that one was a baby. There`s no "meat" on the babies. I don`t want to eat a guinea pig.

Going to Lima to either do the visa papers otra vez or to pick  up my carnet. I think that`s called visa en Ingles?
Aguas Calientes... Ummm... Aguas Termales? Uh... Hot water that comes from the earth thanks to a volcano? I don`t know what they`re called. (Kelly here. I'm guessing hot springs or geysers).

I forgot the picture. And this week I forgot my USB thingy to read my camera card, so I`ll send it next week. It was a BIG orange. We used it to play games in our English calss. So fun!

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