Monday, June 15, 2015

I forgot my Agenda.

So basically that means I forgot everything I wrote down that I wanted to send home....

Bien hecho, Hna Hill. 

Here´s what I remember:

I still hate that little kid voice that sells fruit. And actually, he sells masamorra con arroz con leche. #nothankyou

I went to Lima! FINALLY. I´m legal! WOOO! Everyone, have a spontaneous dance party. Right now.
It was long, and I just wanted to work in my sector, but I guess being legal is kinda important. 

When we were sitting, for hours and hours, in migraciones we met a man from Buenos Aires, Argentina and his accent was crazy thick. But I could understand him! And the latinas who were with us couldn´t! WOO! I love being able to understand. It was hard for me at the beginning, so I fought to understand, and now I don´t have problems. The gift of tongues is awesome. 

I LOVE being a missionary. Our ward is so incredible. They´re wonderful people. And I love all of the people we´re working with! I could talk about them for hours, so just know that I love them.

Also, my comp is in Machu Picchu without me today. And that makes me sad. I was supposed to go with her, but couldn´t because I didn´t get my carnet until two or three days ago. Que triste. But I get to hang out with the Hna Lideres, and they´re awesome.

There´s an upside to everything :)

Love you all so much!
Hna Hill

(Kelly here) The orange she spoke about last week, that was "as big as her head." Well, almost.

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