Monday, December 8, 2014

Hermana Condie's Blog

Kelly here.

Keni's first companion and "mom" is Hermana Condie from Idaho. I stumbled across her blog and this is what her first week with Keni was like:

"Being a Mom is Hard:

Oh man, what a week. First and formost, I met my HIJA! Her name is Hna Hill. She's super cute! The first week is always rough on new missionaries, but I can see a lot of potential in her. Training is a lot harder than I ever expected it to be, especially with someone who doesn't already speak Spanish ... but I'm hoping I can help her through her training and avoid the expiriences that I had to go through with my "mom" so that she can feel happy and helpful. I remember feeling completely useless my first couple months, so I really want to help her avoid that. She really is great so I'm not too worried about anything at this point. I've probably learned more from teaching her this week than she's learned from me. Funny how that works."

She had some great pictures of both of them as well (thanks, Hermana Condie!!):

 Hermanas Condie and Hill at the Plaza

Hermanas Condie and Hill

Hermanas Hill and Condie - Christmas Party

Hermanas Hill and Condie looking beautiful

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