Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

This week was fantastic :) although not much of anything happened. This email will probably be realy short. We just worked, and I loved it. I´m to the point that I understand MOST everything, although I generally have no idea how to respond. Spanish :) ha. It´ll come eventually, I just have to keep working at it.

We had a Christmas "party" with this married couple that are investigators, but recebntly they told us that they don´t believe in the Book of Mormon. Sooo we´re subtely reteaching them the lessons and hoping their hearts are softened, because they´re absolutely amazing people, and I know they´d love  the gospel, if they  could just get around the whole not believing in the Book of Mormon thing :) 

We´re teaching this less active lady, Carol, and she´s one of the most amazing people I´ve ever met. I don´t know how she ended  up being less active, because she believes everything, she understands pretty much everything, and she has more faith than a lot of people. She´s so perfect. Also she´s one of the nicest people I've ever met. 

We also found this new family, and they´re amazing. We´ve only taught them once, but they came to our ward christmas party and we´re teaching them again tonight. I have such high hopes for them. They´re family is so so cute and they´re just some of the sweetest peole I´ve ever met. And they were waiti ng for us in the POURING RAIN to come pick them up for the Christmas party. The streets were rivers, and they were still willing to come to our ward party. These people. I love them :)

This week we had a ward talent show for Christmas, and the four of us Hermanas that are in our ward danced-ish to Feliz Navidad and it was hilarious. Then on Saturdaynight we had a stake Christmas music night thing and it was pretty amazing. I love our ward and Stake so much!

I also talked in church yesterday.... My second Sunday (because the first there were political elections and you can´t hold public meetings on those days.) and they had me speak in church. Everyone told me I did a good job, and they were surprised I have only been here for 3 weeks, but I´m not sure if they were lying or not :) It was nice of them either way. Seriously, Ttio is the best ward in Cusco. I adore these people.

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Since I won´t be able to skype most of you on Christmas, just remember how much I love you and how amazing I think you all are :) And remember how much our Heavenly Father loves you! That's why he sent Christ to us, who is the best gift we could ever be given. If you haven´t seen the Él es la Dádiva, or He is the Gift video, I encourage you to watch it. I cry every single time we get the chance to see it. It´s so beautiful.

Love you all! Have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! :D

Hermana Hill

(Kelly here. I found the video that she's been talking about and decided to put it here on the blog. It's beautiful. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!)

He is the Gift 

(I'm guessing this was their Stake Christmas party)


(Hnas Valverde and Hill, with their staches)

(Not sure?)

(Erick and Carol)

(Christmas panatone. My friends at work said it's like a fruit cake)

(Christmas pup)

(Hna Hill and the Christmas wall decals I sent in her package)

(Stolen from Hna Condie's blog: Misleny and Hna Hill)

(Stolen goods: Hna Condie, Misleny, and Hna Hill)

(Stolen pt 3: Dance party while stuck inside)

(Stolen yet again: Dance pose!)

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