Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It´s a Beautiful Week!

Like the U2 song, but with week instead of day.

Doesn´t exist here. And the only thing we did (just me and my comp) was bug our zone leader (his name is Elder Pavon and turkey in Spanish is pavo.) and buy pollo a la brasa for dinner! (chicken with french fries. The closest we could get to turkey.)

Was absolutely incredible!
I´m currently trying to load a couple of pictures... We´ll see if it works... We took about 700 pictures! :) haha.

Bus at 2 in the morning to head to a different city to catch a train to Machu Picchu.

View from the train. It´s like a half jungle thing in that part of Peru. 

Our Machu Picchu group! It was a really big one this cambio (lies. Usually there´s like 20. I liked this better.)

This was our view of Machu Picchu for about 25 minutes. There was fog all day long (hence the Hna Hill Crazy Hair) but this was the worst of it.

It almost looks fake, it´s so incredible.

Machu Picchu with my compi!

Me, the states, and a fog covered Machu Picchu!

La Obra!
Is just amazing. It´s changing my life. I don´t ever ever ever want to leave this behind. Our investigator, Indira, who is preparing for her baptism in two weeks is just adorable. She´s sixteen years old and is trying to get permission from her parents, and every time she talks to them they warm up to the idea a little bit. And she´s just THRILLED to talk about it. She reads and prays every day without  us reminding her, and understands everything. Sometimes she acts like we´re changing her life, but she´s also changing ours. Hna Azevedo and I are just LOVING working here in Vilcanota. Life can´t be much better than this :)

I´m happy :) Very happy. Don´t know how there´s room for so much happiness. I´m seeing the Lord´s hand in every single part of the work, my life, the world in general, etc. It´s a very beautiful thing.

Another beautiful thing is that there´s a new Christmas video from the Church. I love Christmas, and I love my Savior. Who just so happens to be the reason we celebrate Christmas! Go watch the video. Es hermoso. #ASaviorIsBorn

I love you all :)
Hna Hill

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