Monday, November 23, 2015

This Week :)

Was great!

And really really hot.

Like the third time in my whole mission that I was sweating. Yuck.

Hna Azevdo looking beautiful - and ice cream

ICECREAM. On a super hot day. 

We took a lot of pictures in the campo parts of our sector, we ate icecream, found a horse in Chumo, had a ton of help from the members, studied a lot of scriptures, had divisions with the Hna Leaders, ate some more junk food (obviously that six months to sexy thing is going to be 5 months to sexy now...), helped our investigator find answers and accept a goal/date for her baptism! Had a bunch of lessons that might not count in the logros, but that definitely count when you´re talking about my heart. I´m so grateful to be here. I´m so happy. And I´m loving the work more than ever. We´re seeing so many results of our faith and our work!

We also roasted mini marshmallows and did an invasion of missionaries in Rosaspata. So I got to visit the abuelita Alejandra again. I love her so much!

Oh. We´re also going to Machu Picchu next week. Hna Azvedo and I are really excited. 

Love you all SO MUCH!
Hna Hill

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