Monday, December 14, 2015

#ChristmasIsComing and #Cha-cha-cha-changes

I´m planning on quoting that Shrek song every change. Just in case you haven´t noticed by now.

And! ....  *imaginary drumroll please*

I´m going to Quillabamba!
New companion, new sector.

It´s going to be really hot. And humid. 

But I´ve seen pictures and it´s GORGEOUS. Looking forward to it!

(Kelly here. I shamelessly lifted some photos of Quillabamba from The Interwebs. It's gonna be okay. Don't worry about it. Enjoy!)

(End of thievery)

But I´m also going to miss Hna Azevedo a lot :( We hoped we could be together for Christmas. I have no idea who my new companion is... But I´m sure it´s still going to be a beautiful Christmas!

This week Hna Azevedo and I were able to help the JOHNSONS! with a Family History fair in Sicuani. It was so awesome to see them again! Hna Azevedo and I both worked with them when we were in Cusco and we love them to death.

Hna Azevedo and I also made a bunch of little snow flakes and put them on the cieling. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It was fun, and now the room feels a little more festive :)

I don´t really remember what else happened this week. We worked. We laughed. We worried about changes a little bit. We helped Indira accept her new baptism date (CHRISTMAS!!!) and finally got to talk to her mom a little bit! I´m leaving Sicuani now, and I´m a little sad, but Hna Azevedo is staying here with her new companion, and she´ll be able to let me know how everything is going. 

I´m just so happy to be on my mission. And I´m starting to realize that I don´t have very much time left here, so I'm trying to live every moment the way the Lord would want me to.

Mum's countdown wall (128 days left!!)

See you next week!
(when I´m in the JUNGLE. I´m going to the Jungle. Kind of can´t believe it. So excited.)

Love you all.
Hna Hill

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