Monday, December 7, 2015


Why do those things (como se llama.... OH! No. Le perdí. Oops...) have to be creative. I´m cool with "Hey!" for this week.

Today we went to Raqchi. It´s a cool touristy lugar. Incan ruins and the like :) We also had a zone thing for pday and it was incredible. That means we were outside in the sun literally all day long. We´re super super sunburnt, and I´m kind of not sure what I wanted to write this week. Tired. We´re really tired. 

("Compi, we´re tired, no?" Siiiiiiiii......)

But we´re also really really happy :) And hoping that next week we´ll find out that we have another change together! (We´re starting semana 6 right now. Lo máximo.)

But know that I´m  loving the work, as always. And I´m so very happy to be here. Filled with joy, really.

Meow. Hugs and kisses. 
Have a great week!
Hna Hill

p.s. My comp and I say "meow" at least 500 times a day. I don´t really know how that started. But it´s a habit now. It´s also funny, cause Hna Azevedo doesn´t even like cats that much. I do. I love kitties.

meow meow!

We hiked a lot today. I LOVED it!

Our district (only two elders. Haha.)

pics: The elders in our ward, and nosotras obviously, with those papers for the new Christmas thing #HaNacidoUnSalvador. The elders are funny. You can download those papers (in english too...) at and share it with the whole internet world!

Follow the white arrows in Raqchi! (which we didn´t do. We went backwards almost the whole time.)

During that zone thing in the morning (we also hiked then!)

Part of Raqchi. It was amazing! And this wasn´t even my favorite part. Hna Azevedo has all of the cool pictures.

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