Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle!

Well. It´s technically.... half jungle. They call it ceja de selva. 

I love it.

But I´m also sweating. ALL THE TIME. I generally shower twice a day. It´s also really humid. Which means that YES Hna Hill crazy hair is a thing, every single day. 

The people are wonderful. So kind and willing to listen! 

We have like NO TIME so I´m gonna write about my comp really quick.

Hna Corsetti - my FOURTH companion from Argentina. (Ella es de Buenos Aires también.) my SIXTH latina ( Hna Condie is the only gringa. Woohoo for latinas!) and my seventh companion in general. I´m also in my fifth sector, if any  of you were counting. That´s actually a ton for an Hermana. My mission is a little crazy. But I love it.

I don´t have much to say, because we´re going to be talking on Christmas Eve. (Kelly here: 3:00 pm MST)

I love you all SO MUCH and I feel so blessed to be able to be here, in Peru, serving the Lord on another Christmas. It´s  going to be amazing.

MWAH (that´s a kiss noise.)
Hna Hill

Me in the jungle, and my comp. I don´t know how she was using that long sleeved shirt. I was dying that day.

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