Monday, November 9, 2015

(Kelly Here) No Email Stories Today

(Kelly here: Keni didn't write an update but did report that she's feeling much better, although not the best. She'll see the doctor again next week to see if she's rid of the bacteria. Please continue to pray for her. She did send pictures, so enjoy!)

President and Hna Harbertson and I. They´re the best :) I love and respect them a lot.

One of the girls we teach, Miriam, has a pet rat. It´s a baby!

That baby bread that they eat on dia de los muertos (which isn´t too much of a thing here. They basically eat bread and drink in cemeteries. And have a couple of little traditions). The bread also gave me and my companion food poisoning. Never buying from THAT bakery again.


Comp selfies last pday. 

(I almost never do my hair now... Shhhh...)

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