Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey! #cha-cha-cha-changes

How´s it going? :)

I´m good. Transfers are today! I don´t have a change! Me and Hna Azevedo are staying in Vilcanota, together, for another change! Which is honestly what we were praying for.

Hmmm... what happened this week? I feel like it´s been a really long week.

We contacted Sicuani until they no longer wanted to give us their information, and then we kept on contacting.

We then had 4 new investigators, thanks to contacting people like crazy.

Halloween! I was clark Kent/Superman and my comp was Catwoman and then Superman´s cat. It was a fun day.

And there was a  baptism in the other ward. We sang come thou fount of every blessing. It was a beautiful day!

I don´t know, I´m just still so happy :) We´re seeing so so so much that the Lord was taking care of the people in our sector when we couldn´t work when I was sick. It´s been such a huge blessing. We´re just loving the work, and loving that we´re still companions, and that we can continue to work here in Vilcanota!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and I love you all to death! 

(Get it? That´s cause it was Halloween. Puns. Love them.)

Hna Hill

The only Halloween ANYTHING I´ve seen in Sicuani. And it was on Halloween. 

Me - as Clark Kent. #HalloweenintheMish

Me and my comp in Halloween! She didn´t walk around like that all day. She disneybounded (or whatever the equivalent would be) Cat Woman and painted her face when we were in the house for the night. Halloween was super fun :)

Me, as Superman.

Me as superman again!

My comp learned how to do that flower thing with her tongue, but she can only do it if she´s looking in the mirror.

Incredible sunsets in Sicuani featuring: a panai and a mototaxi.

I love Sicuani.

My pensionista carrying her husband - who just got called to be our new bishop!

I bought an army of llamas. One of the best decisions I´VE EVER MADE.

I love llamas :)

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