Monday, October 26, 2015

Things Happened This Week

I just don´t have time to write about it.

I´ve been here for ONE YEAR now. Which still seems fake.

We contacted people like crazy because almost all of our citas fell through. 

An investigator accepted her baptism date!! 

After talking about thanksgiving and eating turkeys we found a turkey family in our sector. It was weird. And now I want to eat turkey.

We went to Cusco for pday and another doctor visit (making sure that fun bacteria isn´t still bugging me...)

There was a strike for two days. So we couldn´t work for two days.

The Elders came to our apartment building looking for our pensionista´s husband (they live a floor above us) so they could go get some of that flushes-everything-out water from San Pedro. One of the elders decided to sleep on the street while waiting for him. Elders are ridiculous, but funny.

I ate a lot of food.

But then I worked out and sweat so much that I´m pretty sure I burned all that off. 

Then the next couple of days our legs were killing us because we seriously worked out SO HARD. It was a good type of pain. I love working out.

Peru and Bolivia had their own special area conference which was INCREDIBLE.

And we basicallly have just been ridiculously happy this week :) I don´t ever want this to end. I´m glad I still have time left!

Love you all!
Hna Hill

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