Monday, July 13, 2015


(Kelly here) ... Keni didn't write a blog post this week, but she did send me this message because it's my birthday today:

Or in Spanish: ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! 

You completed another year! Wow that came out Spanish. Grammar is hard in English. Just so you know, Jake helped me realize that I was writing to like everyone except for you every week. Yikes. I´m a sucky hija. 

No blog entry this week. Running out of time, and also nothing happened this week. I was sick in my bed. (DON´T WORRY. I´m okay! Normal stuff.) 

Something funny about spanish that I´m certain you´ll enjoy: 

Llama in Spanish is llama. You only pronounce it differently. it sounds like Yama. It also means a couple other things. My personal favorite, and one that never ceases to make me giggle like a 12 year old....

llama de fuego means flame.... but the first time I read that in the scriptures I was so confused. Because if you don´t know that llama also means flame, you think llama de fuego means 


I hope that made sense, because I´m basically always giggling when it says that in the scriptures. And it says it a fair amount. I love Spanish. It´s a crack up.

Anyway. I hope you have the best birthday EVER and know that I´m sending you all my love and hugs! 

A birthday reminder: In about a week I´m half way done with my mission. I´m sure that´ll make you squeal like a little girl. 

LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH! Te amo y te extraño muchísimo!

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