Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hump Day Love

(Kelly here)

Of course I'm celebrating like crazy right now since Keni is half way done with her mission today. I rounded up people to take pictures of themselves so I could surprise her through email.

One of the things Keni is known for is making faces for pictures. You'll see that many people played along, knowing it would speak to her.

Mum Kelly
 Dad Kendall
 StepMom Valerie
 Brothers (Squatch and HJ)
 Gma Lo-Lo and Gpa Dale

 Gma Myrn

BFF Callie 

 StepBro Justin

 StepBro Ryan
 Cousins Anton and Britney and Baby J
 Uncle Mike
 Another bestie Kayla
 Kendra - a YW's leader - and her cute kids.

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