Monday, May 18, 2015

I`m Leaving Cusco #Changes

And I`m 100% heartbroken. Cusco has my entire heart and at this point I`m kinda nervous. But also excited. I`m going to SICUANI! My companion is going to be Hna Fernández, and Gonzalez 2 just told me that she`s ALSO from Argentina... I`m starting to notice a pattern here... I`ll let you know how all that stuff is next week :) Right now I`m just upset that I have to say goodbye to the people, my sector, and pack all of my stuff. I have a lot of stuff. And packing is the worst.

On a less I`m-Super-Panicked Note: One of our investigators, Diana, WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED! We challenged her with a date and everything!! Now I`m just praying she`ll keep up with her date. She`s so amazing. She came to church this week and everything. That`s something we`ve been working on since she has a four year old and a one year old. Mornings are hard for her. But she came! I`m so thrilled. 

Well, I`m a little emotionally overwhelmed :) But also excited, for everything except the packing! I know that as much as I don`t want to leave Cusco, Sicuani is what I need, and there`s someone there who needs me, too. I trust the Lord, and Presidente Harbertson :) They know what they`re doing. And man, I`ve never loved missionary work more than I do right now.

Con todo mi amor,
Hna Hill

(Kelly here. I'm guessing this is President Harbertson)

(No guesses as to who the girl is with the gun) :)

Separate email/side note:

One of my zone leaders, Elder Nicholls is finishing his mission tomorrow. He`s from Washington, but for some reason he`s going to be in Salt Lake a couple days after he gets home. And he said he`d be totally willing to bring you guys the paintings I bought! If I end up going to the jungle, they`d get destroyed. And plus, paintings just need their frames. They don`t do so well without them. AND one of them is for mom and the other, if they want it, is for Dad and Valerie. And the other two are for me. Since I`m taking up space in Elder Nicholls´ suitcase, I`m only sending the paintings And an envelope of letters for you guys. Tell the kids sorry :) Also, I`m sending Elder Nicholls to dad´s house, cause it`s closer than Riverton. When he gives them to you, thank him at least a hundred times for me! He`s been my zone leader since I got to the field and in my district for most of that time. he`s a super cool guy. How weird to think that when I got here he had six months left and now he`s going home. I feel like I`ve been here for a week. And now I have less than a year left. Eew.

Oh. His name is Jourdan Nicholls. I`m giving him dad`s cell number too, so he can text or call or whatever. Just so you know who you`re talking to. Thank him so many times for me! Also, let me know when you get the paintings, take pictures if you`d like, because you guys always do. And tell him I said Hey!

Love you mom and dad! Miss you!

(Kelly here: SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!! I'm in love with the paintings she bought for herself and I can't wait to see what she picked for me. Those Peruvians are talented! And the colors .... Oh! The colors.)

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