Monday, April 20, 2015

Still Don`t Have My Peruvian ID

You know, the one that means I can legally stay in the country for a year and a half. I went to Lima for two days. I don`t really like going to Lima. I missed my mission and my companion and my sector, and it was also really hot.

Things I learned in Lima:

I have absolutely no idea how to use a cell phone anymore. They gave me one so they could call and check up on me when I was sitting alone in migrations for HOURS. Cell phones are hard, man. And all I had to do was hit a speed dial if I needed help. I struggle with technology.

Even though (apparently) Lima is cooling down, it`s crazy hot. And humid. Cusco has been cold almost the entire time I`ve been here, and it just keeps getting colder. So that shocked my system :) I slept without any kind of blanket or sheet or anything.

Even though Lima Este, Iquitos, and Cusco are missions in the same country, they`re very very different. It`s funny how that works.

I`m improving more with my Spanish than I thought I was! And getting progressively worse with my English.

Apparently my shoulders are misshaped? I don`t think so, but the guy who took my pictures for the Interpol thing photoshopped the crap out of them. 

I also really love airplanes! Until there`s turbulence. (How do you spell that?) And then I get crazy sick.

That was pretty much the most eventful thing that happened this week. When I got home, Hna Gonzalez 2 and I worked. No one really had any time, like at all, so we have about a dozen citas scheduled for this week, and I`m really looking forward to it :) After a couple of slow weeks it`s great to just work really hard.

We had a study assignment from the Hna Leaders today, and it was to study our patriarchal blessings and write down the promised blessings that are included in it. I knew there were blessings in it, but I didn`t realize how many until today. And they`re all based on my faith and diligence and obedience. It`s incredible how much we can be blessed if we`re living faithfully! I encourage you to do the same with your patriarchal blessing. It turned a somewhat crappy day into a calm, beautiful, and peaceful day. Patriarchal blessings are so amazing.

I LOVE being a missionary :) And I`m so happy to be back in my sector working DURO!

Con TODO mi amor, (Kelly here. Apparently, that means "with all my love") (Good to know).
Hna Hill

OH! And happy birthday to the very best step-mom around - Valerie! I`m so lucky you`re my other mom! 

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