Monday, April 13, 2015

The Second Gonzalez

Is awesome! And sick. Since she`s been sick, and we`ve been in and out of the hospital all week, we haven`t actually worked in our sector. We`ve been in the house, and the hospital. But that`s given us plenty of time to get to know each other better!

Hna Gonzalez is currently struggling with her thumbs up thing.

We`ve been in and out of the hospital all week because the medicine they`re giving her for her typhoid is through an IV. So when we`re sitting in the freezing cold hospital, I taught her how to play Farkle (one of my favorite games EVER) and how to say "Get back, witch!" and "I`m not a witch, I`m your wife!" and if you don`t know what movie that`s from, I`m ashamed.


It`s from the Princess Bride. One of my favorite movies ever. I`ve now converted her to being a fan, and she hasn`t even seen it. She informed me that it`s now at the top of her list.

(Courtesy: The Google)

So now we go around all day long saying get back witch, and I`m not a witch, i`m your wife back and forth. It`s the best. I was really missing quoting movies, because it`s just not the same in Spanish. Generally they change it up a little bit, and even if they didn`t, my Spanish isn`t good enough to get it spot on. Now I figured it out! I just have to teach her the quotes :) 

She also has incredible faith. As we`ve chatted for a week, I`ve seen her testimony, and wow do I want to be like her! When we chat about investigators, less actives, other mission experiences, etc. I can see just how firm her foundation is in the gospel and it`s awesome. I`m excited to see her teach, because I`m sure I have a butt load to learn from her.

Hnas Hill and Gonzalez

Also, First González? IS ENGAGED. And she didn`t send me an email. Someone fly to Buenos Aires and kick her butt for me, yeah? I miss her. Every time I change a companion, it`s sad, but I`m also really lucky with my next one.

Everyone`s betting my next comp is going to be another Argentina. I`m starting to think the same. Especially because sometimes I talk more like I`m from Argentina than Peru. And I know almost more about their culture than the culture in Peru. Who would`ve guessed I came to Peru and will come home speaking like I`m from Argentina?

Love you all bunches and bunches and hope that you have the best week ever :) Next week I`m sure I`ll have more to write about, like investigators or something. Oh, and happy birthday yesterday to my cute cousin Noah! Stop growing up, kid.

Hna Hill

Hna Borja, Elder Blancarte, and me. These two are a crack up.

 I saw Hna Love! From my district in the CCM. I love that girl to death.

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