Monday, April 27, 2015

Hmm... What happened this week?

Not much more than working :)

Our ward had a talent show. Us missionaries sang "Hallelujah" in Spanish. We may or may not have angelic voices. We also did a couple of short sketches and our ward did a bunch of stuff and it was probably the most fun talent show of my life.

Last Monday a lot of us went to a dinosaur park. In like the boonies of Cusco. I`m not sure why it`s there, but it was super fun. We`re also fairly certain there are Incan ruins underneath it. Somebody should go excavate that. Hermana Wight (who is basically the ballerina-from-Washington me) and I had more fun than anyone there. Including a 6 year old. Hna Wight is one of the Hnas who lives in our apartment right now. We chat it up a lot because I think she`s hilarious. (is that vanity if I just said she`s the same person as i am?)

One of our investigators wants to get baptized! We haven`t given her a date yet, but she`s on her way. We asked her the other day if she believed that the church was true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, etc and she said that she was certain! I`m basically beyond thrilled. Hna Condie and I contacted their family in the street, and they`re slowly, but surely progressing! 

Not much else. I`m just so thrilled to be here. I LOVE being a missionary.

Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Hna Hill

Oh. I also hit exactly 1/3 of my mission this week and I`m not entirely sure what to think about that. 

(Kelly here)

Keni wrote a quick little message to me that read:

Sorry I don`t have time. Again. I`m the worst. I feel like you guys don`t quite understand, too, so that makes it worse. LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

(Kelly here - I had asked her about her companion and the typhoid, and what it really meant for her)

Also - typhoid is an infection that you get if you eat something really bad. Like poop or somehting. Not contagious.
And I haven`t been really sick, just days here and there. Oh, except I had parasites for like 3 months. They`re gone now. DON`T freak out and call the mission office or anything, yeah? Parasites happen sometimes in 3rd world countries and I just had to take two pills after dinner and they were gone.

Love you!

(Kelly here - last time)

Sigh. Kids! "DON'T freak out" ... yeah right! :) But I'm not freaking out. I just don't know why I couldn't know these things as they're happening (so I could properly worry like a Mum should). Hahaha. But seriously. Double sigh.

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