Monday, March 28, 2016

Internet cafe`s are not my favorite

Because I can`t send pictures today and we also have no time. también, the exclamation mark doesn`t work. That bugs me.

And to think that this week we actually took a ton of pictures.

Including: tri-cycles are a normal thing here. Hna David and I also love them.

New and old women conference traditions. Yogurt and icecream.

Hot sauce. We love it.

Huge eyes. and funny faces. My eyeballs are like four times bigger than hers and it reminded me of Bedtime Stories - "Those eyes would be big on a cow..."

And someone burning things in the street en la oscuridad.

But. You`ll just have to be patient and wait until next week for those beautiful gems.

I`m gonna be completely honest and say that I`m becoming super bored of emailing.

It`s just that I`m so ridiculously happy, and I don`t have much more to say than that every week.

Well, Juliaca and Hna David are new things. So.

Hna David and I CAN NOT stop talking. It`s somewhat problem, but a cool one. We both would love to have more than one change together. Super sad that we know for sure that it would only be one change. We both are obsessed with cheese but bought a not so good one last week that gave us both some ugly zits. We don`t trust that cheese at all now. We both love the mission more than anything. She may be one of the only other people who has a family as crazy as mine. 100% different than mine, but super interesting as well. I`m also picking up her Colombian accent. Which is basically the coolest thing.

Juliaca is amazing. Not very pretty... But I love the people so much. And I love the ward. And I love the work.

These are moments that I`m never going to forget, serving a mission and being a representative of Jesus Christ. This Easter was completely uneventful in many ways, but I learned so much about my Savior and was rejoicing inside all day long.


Have a wonderful week.
Love you all so very much.

Hna Hill

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